This plugin allows the server owners to register any command and/or words (for command's argument) to be blocked.  You can use this plugin to prevent any commands to be used by regular users.

It also blocks tab-completion and associated command listing.

New features from v3.3.0

  • Censored words are now removed from the "suggested" list of the command arguments.  If your name is listed in the censored list, the use of command like /msg won't list your name in the suggested player names.
New features from v3.3.0

  • It now supports "/". If you register "/" as a blocked command, it will block ALL commands unless a player has a permission node "cdne./"
  • If you're using 1.13 and above, blocked commands will be removed from the command suggestion list. If you have "/" listed in the blocked list, no commands will appear in the suggested list.
Default Blocked commands:
  • '?'
  • help
  • ehelp
  • pl
  • plugin
  • plugins
  • ver
  • version
  • about
  • eabout
  • info
  • seed
  • locate
  • bukkit:
  • essentials:
If you want more commands, which you don't want your players to use, just use the
/cdne add <cmd ....>
command to register more commands to be blocked.  If you include the underscore '_', you can also specify a particular combination of a command and its parameter.  You can also block any words, which are used as a parameter of the command.  For instance, if you don't want a player to use
/pay * 0.1
to mass spam meaningless payments, you can do
/cdne addword " *"
/cdne addword "* "

  • /cdne | /cdne help : displays the help menu
  • /cdne list : lists currently blocked commands and words.
  • /cdne add <cmd1 cmd2 ... > : adds specified commands to the blocked list.
  • /cdne remove <cmd1 cmd2 ... > : removes specified commands from the blocked list
  • /cdne addword <word1 word2 ... > : adds specified words to the blocked list.
  • /cdne removeword <word1 word2 ... > : removes specified words from the blocked list.
Permission Node:
  • cdne.list.list : list currently blocked commands/words
  • cdne.list.modify : allows you to add/remove command(s)/word(s) to the blocked list.
  • cdne.xxxx : allows you to use a command /xxxx  (if you need to give your server staff members access to the blocked commands, just give them permission node "cdne.xxxx", where xxxx is the blocked command name.
  • : allow you to bypass the tab limitation.
Just drop CommandDoesNotExist.jar in the plugins folder.  It requires ProtocolLib plugin.