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Create custom items with commands attached

This plugin was built and programmed against the 1.14 API. This plugin was tested & confirmed to work on a Spigot server running 1.14.4 and 1.8.8.

Please see the compatibility chart before trying this plugin.


This plugin will allow you to create consumable items, of which when right clicked, it will consume the item and a command will be executed which is stored in the config! You can turn the consumable aspect off if you wish and have an infinite use item.

Here are a few ideas for this plugin:

  • Drugs (or other potion effects)

  • Medical kits

  • Permission books

  • Bank notes

  • Teleport scrolls
  • Physical representations for kits
  • + whatever you can come up with

/cti : help menu
/cti <item> [player] : give an item : commandtoitem.admin
/cti list : list items : commandtoitem.admin
/cti reload : reload config : commandtoitem.admin

For help with the configuration, see the CommandToItem wiki.

CommandToItem has been using bStats to keep data about how the plugin is used. This data is anonymously sent and has no way to be traced back to you. Metrics can be disabled by disabling it in the bStats configuration.

CommandToItem has been using bStats to keep data since version 2.3 (29th September 2019). Metrics data can be found here: https://bstats.org/plugin/bukkit/CommandToItem

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You can contribute to the project by contributing code to the public repository. If you are contributing code, you also agree that you grant us the rights to your code.

The source code can be found here: https://github.com/LMBishop/CommandToItem
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