CommandWhitelist offers both command blocker and tab completion blocker for bukkit/spigot/paper 1.8 - 1.16 and Waterfall or its forks.

This plugin was created because of my frustration of having to use multiple plugins for controlling the commands usage AND tab completions, and when I added some plugin I had to add its commands in multiple configs. No more. This one functions as command blocker and tab complete blocker. At once. One config.

Why CommandWhitelist?
  • Avoid confused players trying to use commands that they do not have permissions for.
  • Display only whitelisted commands in modern 1.13+ command suggestions
  • Display your own "no such command" message
  • Decide what commands player can see and execute based on permission
  • Hide your plugins fully
  • Hide tab completions on legacy servers (requires ProtocoLib)
  • Hide and block specific subcommands on spigot!

default group is assigned to players automatically as default, so all the commands on that list will be usable and will autocomplete for all.

You can add unlimited amount of whitelists by adding sections in config under "commands" line, just like an example already present in default config.

You can find detailed instructions how to use this here.

If you find any bugs please, do not leave, but create an issue here, I will be more than happy to fix it!