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CommunityAnalytics is the first website, which allows very easily to make marketing analysis of your community and answer your problems:
- Where my player come from❓
- Which advertising is profitable❓

We wanted to create this tool, because before we tested several solutions where we encountered this kind of problem:
❌ Mandatory opening of ports (Potential security hole!)
❌ Consumes a lot of resources (Leads to a slowdown of my server!)
❌ Confusing installation
❌ Difficult to use
❌ Many useless features
❌ Impossible to show only certain statistics to staffs

That is why our solution has made a point of honor on these points:
✅ No pre-requisites support all Spigot, Bungeecord, Velocity
✅ No latency caused to your servers
✅ No other installation than the plugin is necessary
✅ Easy to use
✅ Only useful features
✅ Easy to use in team with permission management

This tool has been launched very recently and we plan to add a lot of features to make your life easier.


✏ Create account on our site
✏ Add your community
✏ Follow all steps
Your done.

Everything is written in our online documentation below:
Our Online Documentation

If you still have problems we invite you to join our Discord to provide support:
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The FNetwork team.