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If you need any help, contact me through PM or Discord.


Don't review the resource for BUGS/ERRORS, PM me instead.

Remember, if you find a bug tell me via PM or Discord,

and I will fix it as soon as possible.

By buying this resource you accept these terms and conditions:

- You are not allowed to share, redistribute or resell this resource.

- You may only use this plugin on your server, giving it to other servers isn't allowed.

- All purchases are final and no refunds will be given.

- Chargebacks/disputes will result in losing access to the plugin and future updates of it.

- I don't need to add requested updates or update it frequently. It is my choice when I choose to make an update.

- Under no circumstance can I be blamed if something bad happens to your server/player base as a result of a bug.

- The service that comes with this plugin is my choice, I am allowed to choose whether or not to give my services to a buyer based on the way they treat me.

- I am allowed to ignore service if (you) waste my time, be extremely rude, or give me a difficult time.

-Support will be provided to verified customers, I will deny support to anyone who can not show POF for the plugin.

-If you violate any of these plugin terms, I may remove you from the buyers list.

These terms and conditions can change at any time.