1.0.0 Aug 14, 2020
Added 1.16.2 and Denizen support and remade sound effect

Please update to this version of Constructor! This is the first stable release.
Added 1.16.2 support
Remade the block sound effect to be faster
Fixed Denizen support
Removed some useless code
You need to update Citizens to the latest version to use this version and same for WorldEdit if you want to use the Structure save feature!
Have fun! ;)

0.0.8 Aug 5, 2020
Fixed WorldEdit startup error and survey command

Fixed WorldEdit startup error, WorldEdit is now a softdepend
Survey command has been fixed

0.0.7 Jun 26, 2020
Added support for 1.16!

Updated to 1.16 and fixed some schematic and structure loading compatibility
You can now load schematics and structures from older or newer version that the version you're using (if this version is between 1.13 and 1.16)

0.0.6 Jun 21, 2020
Fixed structure and build commands and added WorldEdit support for Structures

Fixed structure command, you don't need to have a constructor selected to save structures.
Fixed build command, if you do the build command again, it will restart your build instead of stop it.
Added WorldEdit selection support for Structure saves
You now have to do this:
Left-click and Right-click to select your region with WorldEdit axe
/constructor structure <name>
to save your structure
Be careful, you need WorldEdit in your plugins to do this!

0.0.4 Jun 17, 2020
Fixed 1.15 loading error

Fixed a 1.15 loading error, the plugin wasn't enabled at startup

0.0.3 Jun 14, 2020