Hello, today I am selling my HCF Ability plugin called Coral Abilities. It's an Ability plugin with abilities that you would see on your favorite mc servers!

Snowport (Switcher)
- PocketBard
- SwapperAxe
- PearlReset
- Rocket
- SwitchStick
- Tazer
- LazyBrewer
- BelchBomb
- FastPearl
- InstantCrapple
- ExoticBone
- TimerBone
- SmelterShovel
- Weed
- OPPearl
- Refill
- FreezeGun

- All messages are configurable.
- All sounds are configurable.
- There is currently 19 abilities. (More to come!)
- You can change the material of most ability items.
- You can change the list command into a GUI mode.
- Custom ability items.
- Ability to reset a players ability cooldown.
- Get a full description of each ability in a command.
- Option to toggle ability disabled or enabled.
- The "/ability" command only shows the commands you have access to.
- Global Cooldown.

Permission Nodes:
coral.abilities - Access to "/ability" command.
coral.abilities.list - Access to "/ability list" command.
coral.abilities.give - Access to "/ability give" command.
coral.abilities.info - Access to "/ability info" command.
coral.abilities.toggle - Access to "/ability toggle" command.
coral.abilities.resetcooldown - Access to "/ability resetcooldown" command.
coral.abilities.partnerpackages - Access to "/partnerpackages" command.
coral.abilities.partnerpackages.give - Access to "/partnerpackages give" command.

How to use:
  1. Download the jar file after purchase.
  2. Put the jar file in your plugins folder on your server.
  3. Stop and restart your server.
  4. Put your HWID in the config.yml in the CoralAbilities file.
  5. Restart your server.

Coral Abilities & PartnerPackages Showcase:


config.yml - https://hastebin.com/ugalukiwov.php
partnerpackage.yml - https://hastebin.com/uxunasukux.pl



After purchasing Coral Abilities in order to receive your license key you must message me on Discord (Please give me up to 24 hours to get you your license)

Discord: Incendiary#2034
Coral Services: https://discord.gg/KXTjUKY

*Please join this discord if you have any questions or concerns. https://discord.gg/KXTjUKY