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Innings Sep 16, 2020

#This will disable mobs spawning naturally
mob-spawning-disabled: true

#This will disable enderman, blazes, and creepers from damaging blocks
mob-destruction-disabled: true

#This will disable animals spawning naturally
animal-spawning-disabled: true

#This will make zombie pigmans only drop gold ingots
pigman-drops-gold-ingots: true

#This will make iron golems only drop iron ingots, no poppies
irongolem-drops-iron-only: true

#This will make creepers only drop tnt
creeper-drops-tnt: true

#This will make your server always be daytime, never night
permanent-daytime: true

#This will give all players with the coral.nightvision permission permanent nightvision
permanent-nightvision: true

#This will prevent rain, snow, and fog and keep your server always sunny
always-sunny: true

#This will disable drowning for all players with the coral.nodrown permission
no-drowning: true #players must have coral.nodrown

#This will disable tnt from igniting
tnt-disabled: true

pearl-cooldown-enabled: true
pearl-cooldown-time: 10

gapple-cooldown-enabled: true
gapple-cooldown-time: 60

noperms: '&cYou do not have permission for this command!'
pearl-cooldown: '&cYou must wait {cooldown} seconds between throwing pearls!'
gapple-cooldown: '&cYou must wait {cooldown} seconds between eating gapples!'
- ""
- "&7Permanent Strength has been &a&lENABLED&7."
- ""
- ""
- "&7Permanent Strength has been &c&lDISABLED&7."
- ""
- ""
- "&7Permanent Speed has been &a&lENABLED&7."
- ""
- ""
- "&7Permanent Speed has been &c&lDISABLED&7."
- ""
- ""
- "&7Permanent Haste has been &a&lENABLED&7."
- ""
- ""
- "&7Permanent Haste has been &c&lDISABLED&7."
- ""
- "Click to see our discord!"
- "<discord link goes here>"
- ""
- "Click to see our forums!"
- "<forums link goes here>"
- ""
- "Click to see our forums!"
- "<store link goes here>"
- ""
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