cb12438 Jul 28, 2022
Version 4.5.2
It is a good bot i recommend it
Masterwebb Oct 27, 2022
Version 4.5.3
DekoDX Oct 22, 2022
Version 4.5.3
Great bot for advanced users willing to self host, support and documentation is sadly kindof lacking so you will end up needing to figure out configuration for yourself.

If you don't know how to format .yml files be ready to spend your entire weekend figuring that out

There are good things to this though, as the bot's configuration is about as endless as it can get
PapaWulf Oct 9, 2022
Version 4.5.3
The bot itself is pretty good. Its core features usually work with no issues. But trying out their advertised add-ons by the corebot has been a nightmare. I've used this bot for about two years, and there's been no end to the issues. I'm finally writing this as it's frustrating to want to support this product with their current support team. They say they offer fast, quality support. But not once in my two years of usage has the support responded within the same day. I'm lucky to get a response a week later on my tickets. I am finally moving on to another bot, Plex has been good to me so far, which is sad. I've referred this bot to a plethora of my own clientele.

TLDR: Crap support, so if you want this bot, don't ever run into issues lol
DevinSpuije Aug 23, 2022
Version 4.5.3
Good bot!
Zunxc May 17, 2022
Version 4.5.0
RyanK Apr 24, 2022
Version 4.4.4
Best purchasable bot outh there
ShiftEsports Apr 20, 2022
Version 4.4.4
Corebot is an amazing discord bot for beginners and has so many features!
NookPlays Apr 19, 2022
Version 4.4.4
Easily enough to install and use with all the documentation!
ripmaxxxplayss Mar 6, 2022
Version 4.4.4
Amazing bot
mani123 Feb 14, 2022
Version 4.4.4
Nice bot, nice support
raseur Feb 9, 2022
Version 4.4.4
Very good bot,
I love it
hacoder Feb 9, 2022
Version 4.4.4
Amazing bot with lots of features you need for discord server. Im recomending it to everyone since is the best one in the maret.
jonaszenjev Feb 3, 2022
Version 4.4.4
I love this bot. It has so many features for the price and it's no hassle to setup.
jordangb Jan 20, 2022
Version 4.4.4
I love this Bot I would 100% would tell everyone about
jackwane Jan 12, 2022
Version 4.4.4
Great bot. Has all of the features I need, and is well setup. Not much configuration needed to get started either, it just works :) - Very Customizable
kiansniper Jan 6, 2022
Version 4.4.4
Best bot for the price, lots of features in 1 simple to use bot, highly recommended!
codetortar Dec 21, 2021
Version 4.4.4
Really awesome bot works smoothly with very little resource usage :)
PlutoTheKing Nov 27, 2021
Version 4.4.4
Best bot I've ever used <3
launch Nov 21, 2021
Version 4.4.4
Awesome bot for almost any type of discord server, I use for my fivem server, commissions, and for my personal server
Oscaramr1 Nov 20, 2021
Version 4.4.4
A Must Have bot for discord.
herawen Nov 9, 2021
Version 4.4.4
Tons of new features
community support
new addons always available
This is pretty much the best AIO bot your ever gonna get for discord
SparrowSoul Nov 6, 2021
Version 4.4.4
a must have bot for your discord server
DenisNotFound Oct 22, 2021
Version 4.4.4
Love this Bot! <3
dargr Oct 8, 2021
Version 4.4.4
really cool bot
GamerGalChloe Sep 22, 2021
Version 4.4.4
Awesome bot!
Skizzles Aug 31, 2021
Version 4.4.4
Love the bot, lots of great features and works really well!
SimonB50 Aug 1, 2021
Version 4.4.4
Ruben_Artz Jun 26, 2021
Version 4.4.4
The bot is excellent and even more so if you buy the Ultimate Tickets addon.
DAXE Jun 26, 2021
Version 4.4.4
Pretty good discord bot with a lot of rich features and a great
kcboiz Jun 16, 2021
Version 4.4.4
Great bot, easy config.
4njan Jun 8, 2021
Version 4.4.4
Best discord bot, can replace almost all bots in your discord server
ElijahsDev Apr 7, 2021
Version 4.4.4
The best bot ever and the support is even better.
myMoD Apr 1, 2021
Version 4.4.4
Nice discord bot its awsome!
lucian Mar 29, 2021
Version 4.4.4
Great bot. Many features and easy to configure.
Seii Mar 27, 2021
Version 4.4.4
Nice plugin ! :)
BinJankoDE Mar 10, 2021
Version 4.4.4
Best Discord-Bot, very cool :)
PGBhai Mar 7, 2021
Version 4.4.4
Eric Mar 5, 2021
Version 4.4.4
This bot is very easy to use. The config.yml provides tons of options for us to configure, this is a truly 100% configurable, 100% branding-free Discord bot. Definitely worth more than 10 bucks!
Tats Feb 26, 2021
Version 4.4.4
nexxydev Feb 25, 2021
Version 4.4.4
Haha, yes. Everyone needs this bot its literally the best and as of the time of writing this review its on sale GET IT U WILL NOT REGRET!
Dinvaderxd Feb 11, 2021
Version 4.4.4
Pretty good bot. I had a choice between this and other popular ones. I chose it for the number of features (fun plus management). Install docs are pretty thorough and search engines are a throve of wealth when in doubt. Discord support is fast and from what I have seen there is no discrimination even for the silliest of questions
Pioleke Feb 2, 2021
Version 4.4.3
Very good discord bot, it works on my minecraft community
GamingXBlood Jan 20, 2021
Version 4.4.3
Best bot ever.

I have some pro's and some contra's
This is the best bot ever!

Has all the commands that you need.
Easy to modify
Easy to setup (one command: -setup)
Easy to translate.

You can't have it on 2 servers. (I own 2 servers and if I add it to 2 different servers it messes up.)
Lloyd Dec 2, 2020
Version 4.4.3
CoreBot is a great Discord Bot.
I've liked how we moved onto Polymart from the other site that shutdown.
Personally if Polymart had a Discord Category.
Also make the sidebar possible to move to the left hand side would be kinda dope. :)
aidanhah Dec 1, 2020
Version 4.4.3
Great bot. Has all of the features I need, and is well setup. Not much configuration needed to get started either, it just works :) - Very Customizable
Stark Dec 1, 2020
Version 4.4.3
Awsome bot. Its pretty easy to install and configured easy the staff team is very professional and always willing to help. You won't regret adding this bot to your server with all the custom addons you can have made and extra systems the community developers make. I couldn't give the bot and its base code anything other then a A+ impressive bot! Been using it and all its beautiful updates for around a year now :)
SaKePl Nov 29, 2020
Version 4.4.3
EN:I recommend the bot it works well
PL:Polecam bota dobrze się spisuje
Asmodeus Nov 29, 2020
Version 4.4.3
Best discord bot <3
usefull features
Best support
Customizable <3

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