3.4.1 Feb 8, 2022
Bug Fix

+ Fixed bug where you could not add items from non hotbar slots when using a non full size vault

3.3.0 Jan 18, 2022
Bug Fix
+ Fixed default translation messages during vault resets
+ Fixed some other minor bugs

3.2.0 Dec 21, 2021
Bug Fix / Additions
+ Fixed bug where the default opened vault icon would not be used (it would remain as an emerald)
+ Fixed bug where deleting you own vault would not work (its now been moved to the drop key)
+ Fixed issue where you weren't able to shift click items into/and out of your vault
+ Fixed permission description "typo", it now states that perms uses rows rather than slot count
+ Added a default vault creation title and description config option to the settings.yml

3.1.0 Dec 10, 2021
1.18 Support
+ Added support for 1.18

3.0.1 Oct 1, 2021
Bug Fix
+ Fixed some annoying permission related stuff

3.0.0 Sep 27, 2021
+ This version requires Java 16 as usual
+ 3.0.0 is only supported for 1.16+, it may load on older versions but no support will be given on anything lower than 1.16.
+ This is a complete recode, so its suggested you install this during a server reset as the way vault data is stored has changed. There is a /pv convert command which will try to convert 2.0 data into the new format, although there is zero guarantees.

2.0.3 Jun 24, 2020