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What version does Craftory support?
Craftory is currently in ALPHA so version support is subject to change.
Currently supports every 1.15 and 1.16 Minecraft version.

How do I change the Translation Language?
Version 0.1.1 onwards supports translations. By going into the config file you can change the language between:
  • zh-CN - Simplified Chinese
  • en-GB - English, United Kingdom (Default)
  • en-US - English, USA
  • ru-Ru - Russian
  • hu-Hu - Hungarian
  • de - De - German
  • af_ZA - Afrikaans
  • nl_NL - Dutch
  • fr_FR - French
  • ja_JP - Japanese
  • pl_PL - Polish
  • pt_BR - Portuguese, Brazilian
  • es_ES - Spanish
How can I add translations?
You can submit translations at https://crwd.in/craftory.
If your language isn't their message and we shall add it.

Why do I not see all the lang files?
If you delete the lang folder in plugins/Craftory when you next run the server new lang files will be copied out.

I broke a Water wheel or Windmill and it didn't disappear?
If the actual waterwheel doesn't go you can use the /minecraft:kill @e [type=ArmourStand,c=3] command to delete it. We recommend using a range so you don't remove all in the world.

How can I use my own Resource Pack?
Players can just put on their own resource pack, some GUI components may not line up properly, but items like the windmill that use wool texture will use the Resource Pack textures.

Server Owners can join our discord, download the resource pack and combined it with there own. In config, you can disable force pack and host yourself.