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✨Hello Player after your long search you have arrived at the right setup, This is the best Bedwars Setup that your players will love, with a variety of unique features and Gamemodes so that the fun of your player will never end, do not wait any longer and buy this fantastic setup, do not miss this opportunity!



βŒ› Arenas | 163 Arenas are included in this setup.
βŒ› Coins | Economy system, with which you can buy Cosmetics and more.
βŒ› Games Modes | Game Modes which are of 2 types,
Normal: Solo, Doubles, 3v3v3v3, 4v4v4v4.
Special: Ultimate, Swappage, VoidLess, Rush, 4v4, 2v2 and 1v1.
βŒ› Bedwars Cosmetics | It has more than 150+ Cosmetics, in which we have Trails, Victory Dances, Final Kill Effect, DeathCry, ShopKeepers, Sprays, Bed Destroys, Kill Messages, Wood Skin, and more!
βŒ› Lobby Cosmetics | It has cosmetics for players to use in the lobby.
βŒ› StatusTags | Statuses which are displayed above your head, showing your stats.
βŒ› Custom Menus | A unique design that will make your server the envy of all your friends.
βŒ› LeaderBoards | Clickable Holograms in which you can find different statistics between Lifetime, Weekly, and Daily and from different modes.
βŒ› Rewards | Different Rewards for different ranks.
βŒ› Ranks | 5 Donor Ranks (Vip, Vip+, Mvp and Mvp+, Mvp++), 1 Social Ranks (YouTube) 5 Staff Ranks (Helper, Mod, Dev, Admin, and Founder)
βŒ› RankColor | RankColor system, where your players with [MVP++] rank can change the color of their rank (+).
βŒ› NPCs | NPCs system, where you can select the map you want to enter, claim your rewards, and see your bedwars statistics.
βŒ› Donator Perks | Different Perks for different donator ranks.
βŒ›Mirror Skin | Mirror skin system will show the person's skin at Stats NPC.
βŒ› ChatColor | Chat Color System, where your donor users can change their chat color so they can be identified by your normal users.
βŒ› Party System | Party system so that your users have fun with their friends at parties and can play together on the same map and especially on the same team.
βŒ› Lobby Parkour | Parkour system, where players can have fun in the lobby and can earn coins by completing milestones.
βŒ› Hypixel Shop Migrator | ThisΒ will allow the player to migrate their quickbuy shop layout from hypixel.
βŒ› Custom Join Items |Β By joining players will get a variety of items with options to use.
βŒ› Vip Kick | Vips will be able to join the game without any problem.
βŒ› Top Heads | Top heads which will show the top 3 kills and top 3 wins players.
βŒ› Jump Pads | You can use pressure plates to impulse you.
βŒ› Spectators Items | Spectators will receive special items to spectate and change their viewing experience.
βŒ› Full Customizable | This setup is fully customizable and you can change absolutely everything.
And a lot more!





(Setup uses PaperSpigot 1.8.8 with Java11)


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