shibacraft Dec 22, 2021
Version 4.6.0
A developer quite attentive to buyers, although the plugin has been a few months without receiving updates is understandable because we all have life, the important thing is that the plugin does not die and continue to move forward even with updates every (x) time. GJ
ruffneck Sep 6, 2021
Version 4.2.0
This plugin is definitely the best cryptoactive plugin, easy settings and totally intuitive, my players really love this plugin! the coolest thing is that you can do everything by command (My server is Java & Bedrock) and bedrock commonly has issues with gui, and this plugin has text commands which makes things even better
illsaft Jul 14, 2021
Version 4.1.0
Awesome developer! I had a few issues and within minutes of messaging him on discord he responded and quickly fixed the issue and sent me on my way :) I was very astonished by that and greatful! He is an awesome coder and hope that we see more from him in the future! Keep up the great work!!

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