Cupido let you display the classic minecraft hearts and custom bars on top of any entity thanks of
a resource pack integration included in the download!

The plugin it's client-sided, that means that it will have a minimum impact on your server!


Supported Plugins:

- Items Adder

- Oraxen

- Tab

- Mythic Mobs

- Model Engine



- Tab




Main Features:

  • Display the minecraft hearts with all their status effects, respecting the Minecraft's priority system;
  • Set up to three bars customizations modes; (one is wip)
  • Set Dynamic/Static mode;
  • Enable/Disable;
  • ID Blacklist;
  • Mob Blacklist; 
  • World Blacklist; (wip)
  • Set specific properties for each entity;
  • Set specific textures for each entity; (wip)
  • Enable/Disable hearts animation;
  • Set max render distance for mobs and custom mobs;
  • Set custom height for custom mobs;
  • Detects for any displayname holograms on top of entities


Other Info:

- The plugin supports custom damage events such as projectiles and custom spells!

- When the placeholder for the hearts returns nothing, on players, it automatically remove the empty line;


Video Showcase:

Server Showcase: [1.19.2]