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notyuri Oct 25, 2020
This plugin is extremely diverse and can almost match 1:1 with a modded server with the combined power of this + Skript. I recommend highly for those server managers wishing to boost their server uniqueness all around.
Version 3.6.17
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Crysillion Jul 3, 2020
Phenomenal plugin. There's others like it, but let me be clear - they do not have the level of support that Custom Items does. This is the premier plugin for this kind of thing. Any other plugin might as well be a cheap knockoff.
Version 3.2.1
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xArise Jun 2, 2020
This plugin is extraordinary. It allows the creation of new items and blocks, and yes the description is correct. You can do it all without ANY mods and you won't need to replace a single item/block for it to work. It's very user friendly and the files are easy to edit. You can also edit the items in-game with a special GUI. I'd highly recommend this plugin to anyone who's looking to create their own items or blocks on their server. It truly is my favorite plugin and you don't need any experience with coding to be able to figure out how to use it. Jojodmo, the developer, is very talented and helpful. He also has a discord server for support in the case of any bugs that may occur or simply just to help answer your questions! Updates release all the time, you can just check out the updates tab if you don't believe me. It's honestly 100% the BEST plugin on the market, and I promise you won't regret your purchase.
Version 2.19.2

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