MrGeennius Jun 8, 2023
Version 4.2.8
Very powerful plugin in good hands, it's a tool, a very good one to create custom items, so it depends on how do you use it. You spend a little time to learn how to use it and it will pay of big. The next thing you need is your creativity! This plugin isn't just amazing, it's so fun to have the power to be able create what you want, even if it is something complex, you can do it. I recommend custom items a lot.
HonokaAgreen Jun 7, 2024
Version 4.3
Do not buy this, the owner banned everyone and disbanded the discord, not respond the messages and the plugin gives bad perdformance

Author's response
Please update to the latest version for 1.21 support
LexianDEV Sep 29, 2023
Version 4.3
Was working fine but now no longer works on 1.20.1.

Author's response
Please update to the latest version for 1.21 support
Eyasu Aug 7, 2023
Version 4.3
I really do love this plugin, but man is the support bad. As of now, the bug report panel on discord is just straight up not working, and the plugin owner hasn't responded to my messages. In all honesty, I'm just leaving a 1 star just to get his attention.

The bug in question is a small oversight it seems, the code that makes it so that you cant use custom items in the smithing table isn't updated, so it thinks the materials slot is the results slot and is deleting the items in there.

Author's response
Please update to the latest version for 1.21 support
pokey Jun 30, 2023
Version 4.3
Horrible support from the developers, doesn't work on 1.20.1 after them claiming it does. No replies for months on tickets, and, no announcements at all about development progress.

Author's response
Please update to the latest version for 1.21 support
mravci Dec 29, 2022
Version 4.2.6
[22:00:49 WARN]: plugins\CustomItems\resourcePack\.work\default\assets\minecraft\models\item\dıamond.json (Sistem belirtilen dosyayı bulamıyor)
[22:00:49 WARN]: at java.base/ Method)
[22:00:49 WARN]: at java.base/
[22:00:49 WARN]: at java.base/<init>(
[22:00:49 WARN]: at java.base/<init>(
[22:00:49 WARN]: at CustomItems.jar//com.jojodmo.customitems.util.resourcepack.ResourcePackGenerator.makeJSON(
[22:00:49 WARN]: at CustomItems.jar//com.jojodmo.customitems.util.resourcepack.ResourcePackGenerator.generate(
[22:00:49 WARN]: at CustomItems.jar//com.jojodmo.customitems.util.resourcepack.ResourcePackGenerator.generate(
[22:00:49 WARN]: at CustomItems.jar//com.jojodmo.customitems.util.resourcepack.ResourcePackGenerator.generateAll(
[22:00:49 WARN]: at CustomItems.jar//com.jojodmo.customitems.util.resourcepack.ResourcePackGenerator.generateAndCompress(
[22:00:49 WARN]: at CustomItems.jar//com.jojodmo.customitems.util.resourcepack.ResourcePackGenerator.makeResourcePack(
[22:00:49 WARN]: at CustomItems.jar//com.jojodmo.customitems.command.CommandHandler.resourcePack(
[22:00:49 WARN]: at CustomItems.jar//
[22:00:49 WARN]: at CustomItems.jar//
[22:00:49 WARN]: at CustomItems.jar//com.jojodmo.customitems.command.CommandHandler.onCommand(
[22:00:49 WARN]: at CustomItems.jar//com.jojodmo.customitems.Main.onCommand(
[22:00:49 WARN]: at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
[22:00:49 WARN]: at org.bukkit.command.SimpleCommandMap.dispatch(
[22:00:49 WARN]: at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.v1_18_R2.CraftServer.dispatchCommand(
[22:00:49 WARN]: at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.v1_18_R2.CraftServer.dispatchServerCommand(
[22:00:49 WARN]: at
[22:00:49 WARN]: at net.minecraft.server.dedicated.DedicatedServer.b(
[22:00:49 WARN]: at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
[22:00:49 WARN]: at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(
[22:00:49 WARN]: at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.lambda$spin$0(
[22:00:49 WARN]: at java.base/

This plugin is so bad that it contains the most meaningless bug I've ever seen in my life, you won't see any rise if these errors continue!
Lux__Umbra Jul 25, 2022
Version 4.2.1
The plugin "works" if you only want a basic utility. The GUI is good, but it could be better if it worked properly. For example, when you click on "add particle effect" the GUI crashes.
Whenever I try to edit a .yml file to customize the item all by myself without the GUI, the plugin can't detect the item anymore (i verified and my code is not the problem).
Let's talk about the discord... "Helpers" who help only the people who have basic questions. Whenever I had a more technical question, they would ghost me and not respond.
I paid 16$ for this plugin and I have lots of regrets, don't buy it, at least don't buy while it's not fixed and while they don't have better helpers on the discord server.
luxipell May 24, 2022
Version 4.1.19
Love this plugin, im able to crate custom items and add my own textures to the specific item. Much easier than some other plugins with the same idea. I highly recommend this plugin :D
Pescada_Boys May 24, 2022
Version 4.1.18
I will say this in the most sincere and honest way, this is one of the worst plugins i have bought, and here's why.
The plugin itself is ok, it has a lot, but A LOT of bugs that could be easily fixed and shouldn't be present in a 13$ plugin, i paid for a custom items plugin but all i got was a load of headaches and many months waiting for customer support.
Did i mention the customer support sometimes DOES WORSE THAN BETTER, yes the customer support is mostly null, i had to wait at least a month in 2 separate occasions just for the answer to be a link of the wiki. Oh yeah don't get me started on the wiki, the wiki is supper poorly written but somehow the one helper and dev always redirects you towards it, like its gonna help, trust me it wont, this plugin on several occasions delayed my server updates because of customer support, they choose to ignore you and prefer to rudely reply to other users that have may pinged them (which is prohibited somehow) i got more help from fellow users than anything else.
The situation was so bad that i had to buy another WAY BETTER custom items plugin.
I would say that this is a good plugin for beginners since it has a in game item editor, but no sometimes it decides not to work, and if it does you simply don't know how to fiddle with it CAUSE THERE'S NO INFO ABOUT NOTHING.
I cant stress enough the lack of obvious dedication to the plugin since that the guy that answers the most ISN'T EVEN THE PLUGIN CREATOR, i have talked with multiple plugin devs and always the owner answered, cause most of the times nobody except him knows the plugin best, but no, here if the helper doesn't know he will simply redirect you to the wiki.
To me its ridiculous how could someone mistreat so much the people that give them money for their product.
My conclusion is, lack of information, rude and sometimes silent helper, bad coding, and lots of "its in the wiki" is the perfect recipe for a bad and not worth it plugin.
CapClimb Apr 14, 2022
Version 4.1.18
Good plugin
Yoshin0 Mar 10, 2022
Version 4.1.15
This plugin was just what I was looking for, the in game UI makes it really easy and nice to work with (very user friendly). Being able to add custom blocks for building is just what I wanted to do. Being able to actually craft them after making my own recipe for the block only makes it better.

For anyone that is wanting to add basically any type of custom, I highly recommend this plugin.
CosmicThing2 Jul 11, 2021
Version 3.10.12
Custom Items is, for the most part, a very good plugin. If you want to add new items to the game on a server running Paper/Spigot, this is what you need. The plugin works and does allow you to add a huge range of things. You can add a simple sword with your own texture that does more damage or attacks faster, or you can go a bit more complex and add different triggers and effects to your items, like when you right click it gives you certain effects or creates blocks. Adding custom ores is also very interesting and does work 'mostly' well.

However, if I were to critique the plugin, the whole thing does feel a little bit 'hacky'. Obviously this may be the only option as Minecraft isn't exactly designed for you to just add your own items, but it doesn't change the fact that the plugin is quite fiddly to use. Adding a simple sword that does more damage (and has a texture) is fine, but as soon as you want to mess around with different triggers and handlers to make cool stuff happen, it gets quite annoying. There is documentation and a wiki which is semi-decent, but it's spotty - for some parts there's loads of information (almost too much) and some parts there's very little. Not all items work either (due to limitations in Minecraft); custom armor is a no go and custom blocks/ores do work, but they're effectively reskinned mushroom blocks. This means that every block you create will break like/as fast as a mushroom block, just with different textures and drops. Even when you think you've created an item correctly, some of the handlers are very picky about the exact syntax you have to use and the items which do or don't work. Handlers don't often give errors either so quite often I had items just 'not work' and since there's few errors or messages, I would spend the next hour trying to debug and figure out why the item wasn't doing anything which can be frustrating.

Custom Items also has a Discord server which is great, but again, support is a bit spotty. Sometimes you'll have someone immediately respond but then I've also posted questions before and had no response at all. Finally the plugin does get updated often, which is great and I'm glad the developer is supporting it still, but I have had big updates implemented before which have just suddenly broken all my items without any warning or information beforehand.
Tarukya May 11, 2021
Version 3.8.33
I absolutely love this plugin. My first day using it I was able to create a custom block with a custom texture and bring it into my multiplayer server and it looks amazing! I truly expected it to be much more difficult but just doing a thorough read through the wiki (and the Discord is super helpful too) made it no problem at all. Now I'm creating some new ores and custom weapons and my players love it! I have never left a review for a plugin but any server owner should have this. Thank you!!!
Nesoberi Dec 25, 2020
Version 3.7.29
Best plugin for custom items! Differently to other plugins, this allows you to create a new item by yourself. It is hard at first, but once you get the gist you can create anything, I've made weapons, armors, food, drinks, ores, and more, my players love it.
What I like the most is the order you can have with your items, from the files to versions for each item that you can update for all your players!
Support is great, if there's an issue or a bug, it will get solved soon.
An amazing plugin, worth buying if you want to make custom items seriously
Athame Dec 5, 2020
Version 3.7.19
Worked excellently, and the developer is very helpful, and he accepts ideas and fixes your problems.
:))) againnn
notyuri Oct 25, 2020
Version 3.6.17
This plugin is extremely diverse and can almost match 1:1 with a modded server with the combined power of this + Skript.

I recommend highly for those server managers wishing to boost their server uniqueness all around.
Crysillion Jul 3, 2020
Version 3.2.1
Phenomenal plugin. There's others like it, but let me be clear - they do not have the level of support that Custom Items does. This is the premier plugin for this kind of thing. Any other plugin might as well be a cheap knockoff.
xArise Jun 2, 2020
Version 2.19.2
This plugin is extraordinary. It allows the creation of new items and blocks, and yes the description is correct. You can do it all without ANY mods and you won't need to replace a single item/block for it to work. It's very user friendly and the files are easy to edit. You can also edit the items in-game with a special GUI. I'd highly recommend this plugin to anyone who's looking to create their own items or blocks on their server. It truly is my favorite plugin and you don't need any experience with coding to be able to figure out how to use it. Jojodmo, the developer, is very talented and helpful. He also has a discord server for support in the case of any bugs that may occur or simply just to help answer your questions! Updates release all the time, you can just check out the updates tab if you don't believe me. It's honestly 100% the BEST plugin on the market, and I promise you won't regret your purchase.

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