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4.1.18 Apr 3, 2022
Bug fixes with block break API

This version fixes some bugs with the API for breaking blocks

4.1.17 Apr 3, 2022
Minor improvements with startup messages

4.1.16 Mar 12, 2022
Bug fixes with API

This version includes some minor bug fixes with the CustomItems API

4.1.15 Mar 5, 2022
Support for 1.18.2 | Requires CustomUniverse version 1.0.6

This version adds support for MC 1.18.2, and requires CustomUniverse version 1.0.6. Download CustomUniverse at

4.1.14 Feb 26, 2022
Minor API improvements

This version adds a new API action for block breaking for developers

4.1.13 Feb 1, 2022
Improvements with /cui give

In old versions, players would not be given items with /cui give if their inventory was full. Now, if the player's inventory is full, the item will be dropped on the ground next to them instead.

4.1.12 Jan 19, 2022
Bug fixes with block EXP drops (recommended for all users)

This version makes some bug fixes with block EXP drops, and is recommended for all users. Specifically, it makes it so EXP is no longer dropped when a custom block is mined using silk touch

4.1.11 Jan 5, 2022
New and improved startup message!
This version brings a new and improved startup message format to CustomItems. Check it out when you start your server!

4.1.10 Jan 5, 2022
Minor bug fixes and improvements

4.1.9 Jan 2, 2022
Minor bug fixes with NBT on 1.18
This version fixes a minor bug with NBT (specifically for item attributes) on MC 1.18

4.1.8 Dec 13, 2021
Bug fixes with automatic resource pack generator
This version makes some bug fixes with the automatic resource pack generator, including minor issues where sometimes errors were shown in console, or issues that happened to certain users with the CustomItems jar file had a space in the name

4.1.7 Dec 13, 2021
Improvements for misformatted item yml files
This version makes CustomItems give a more meaningful error message when you're missing the required 'item' section in an item yml file

4.1.6 Dec 7, 2021
Bug fixes for NBT on 1.18
This version fixes some minor bugs with NBT on 1.18

4.1.5 Dec 6, 2021
Support for increased world height in MC 1.18
This version makes custom block storage support the increased world hight in MC 1.18.

Everyone will likely see a bunch of messages that say "Upgrading the block storage file ... from version 1.1 to 1.2" as players explore existing chunks and the files are automatically updated to the new block storage format.

4.1.4 Dec 5, 2021
Built with 1.18
This version officially brings 1.18 support to CustomItems

4.1.3 Nov 24, 2021
Minor bug fixes
This version fixes a bug that sometimes caused error messages to show up in the console when using /cui create

4.1.2 Nov 18, 2021

4.1.2 Nov 18, 2021
Bug fixes with placeBlock action
This version fixes a bug with the placeBlock action that sometimes caused it to replace blocks instead of place on top of them

4.1 Nov 18, 2021
Edit native Minecraft items from the GUI!
You can now edit recipes for native Minecraft items from the GUI! Just type /cui edit <material> where <material> is the name of the default Minecraft material, like "cobblestone" or "sand"

4.0.19 Nov 1, 2021
Bug fixes with setting lore in GUI
This version fixes a bug that could sometimes cause "exit" to not be recognized when editing lore in the GUI

4.0.18 Oct 30, 2021
Minor bug fixes with item creation inventory

4.0.17 Oct 28, 2021
New "blockMoisture" condition
You can now use the new "blockMoisture" condition to check the moisture of farmland. The value will be 0 for completely dry farmland, and 1 for completely watered farmland

  blockType: "FARMLAND"
  blockMoisture: "> 0.5"
action: sendMessage
message: "The block moisture is > 0.5"

4.0.16 Oct 23, 2021
Added new "silent" option in /cui drop command
You can now make the /cui drop command not produce an output by running

/cui drop <item> <world> <x> <y> <z> [amount] [naturally] [silent]

For example, this will not send a message to the command sender

/cui drop myCustomItem world 0 0 0 1 true true

And these three commands all will

/cui drop myCustomItem world 0 0 0 1 true false
/cui drop myCustomItem world 0 0 0 1 true
/cui drop myCustomItem world 0 0 0

4.0.15 Oct 11, 2021
Bug fixe with playerRemoveItems action
This version fixes a bug with the playerRemoveItems action that could sometimes cause too many items to be removed

4.0.14 Oct 7, 2021
Improvements with teleport actions
This version makes a few bug fixes and improvements with teleport actions, and also makes the error messages easier to understand

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