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4.3 Jun 21, 2023
Updated to support MC 1.20 and 1.20.1, and also fixed some bugs

This version is updated to support MC 1.20 and MC 1.20.1, and also fixes some bugs with some older versions of MC. Note that you'll need the latest version of Custom Universe, which is available at

4.2.9 SNAPSHOT Apr 15, 2023
Full 1.19.4 Support (Snapshot)

This also requires installing the latest version (1.0.10) of CustomUniverse

4.2.8-SNAPSHOT1 SNAPSHOT Mar 9, 2023
Adds new "unstackable" option for items

4.2.7 Mar 9, 2023
Fixed bug with message prefix not formatting color codes

4.2.6 Sep 24, 2022
Bug fixes with resource pack generator for 1.19

This version fixes a bug that occured for certain server software running MC 1.19 when generating a resource pack

4.2.5 Sep 20, 2022
Changes to ifRegionMember and ifRegionOwner

This version makes some changes to ifRegionMember and ifRegionOwner so that they'll check for membership/ownership in the highest priority regions only — the player's membership/ownership will be based on the highest priority region rather than all regions.

4.2.4 Sep 9, 2022
Bug fixes with consumable items

This version fixes a bug that could occur when consuming a normally non-consumable item from the off hand

4.2.3 Jul 27, 2022
Minor bug fixes with relativeProbability

This version fixes some minor bugs with relativeProbability

4.2.2 Jul 27, 2022
Minor bug fixes

This version fixes a few minor bugs with certain placeholders, and also prints better error messages for the GUI

4.2.1 Jun 16, 2022
Bug fixes with custom blocks & pistons

This version fixes a bug that sometimes caused custom blocks to lose their location when moved by a piston

4.2 Jun 15, 2022
Support for MC 1.19 — make sure to also update CustomUniverse!

This version adds support for MC 1.19 — make sure to also update CustomUniverse to the latest version!

This version also makes a few minor changes, like changing the look and feel of the default plugin messages — you can now also set the color of messages if you change the prefix! This version also makes it so that your server will no longer shut down if CustomUniverse is not found — instead, it'll just disable CustomItems

4.1.20 May 26, 2022
Use {placeholders} for probability and relativeProbability

You can now use {placeholders} for probability and relativeProbability in actions!

4.1.19 May 24, 2022
Bug fixes with item creation GUI

This version fixes a few minor bugs that could have caused issues with the item creation GUI if another plugin was modifying chat messages

4.1.18 Apr 3, 2022
Bug fixes with block break API

This version fixes some bugs with the API for breaking blocks

4.1.17 Apr 3, 2022
Minor improvements with startup messages

4.1.16 Mar 12, 2022
Bug fixes with API

This version includes some minor bug fixes with the CustomItems API

4.1.15 Mar 5, 2022
Support for 1.18.2 | Requires CustomUniverse version 1.0.6

This version adds support for MC 1.18.2, and requires CustomUniverse version 1.0.6. Download CustomUniverse at

4.1.14 Feb 26, 2022
Minor API improvements

This version adds a new API action for block breaking for developers

4.1.13 Feb 1, 2022
Improvements with /cui give

In old versions, players would not be given items with /cui give if their inventory was full. Now, if the player's inventory is full, the item will be dropped on the ground next to them instead.

4.1.12 Jan 19, 2022
Bug fixes with block EXP drops (recommended for all users)

This version makes some bug fixes with block EXP drops, and is recommended for all users. Specifically, it makes it so EXP is no longer dropped when a custom block is mined using silk touch

4.1.11 Jan 5, 2022
New and improved startup message!
This version brings a new and improved startup message format to CustomItems. Check it out when you start your server!

4.1.10 Jan 5, 2022
Minor bug fixes and improvements

4.1.9 Jan 2, 2022
Minor bug fixes with NBT on 1.18
This version fixes a minor bug with NBT (specifically for item attributes) on MC 1.18

4.1.8 Dec 13, 2021
Bug fixes with automatic resource pack generator
This version makes some bug fixes with the automatic resource pack generator, including minor issues where sometimes errors were shown in console, or issues that happened to certain users with the CustomItems jar file had a space in the name

4.1.7 Dec 13, 2021
Improvements for misformatted item yml files
This version makes CustomItems give a more meaningful error message when you're missing the required 'item' section in an item yml file

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