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4.0.7-SNPSHOT2 SNAPSHOT Aug 22, 2021

4.0.7-SNAPSHOT1 SNAPSHOT Aug 21, 2021
New "deleteGlobal" action
This version adds a new "deleteGlobal" action

4.0.6 Aug 21, 2021
Minor bug fixes with blocks, improvements for CustomTriggers
This version makes a few minor bug fixes with blocks, and also makes some improvements for CustomTriggers. You'll need to use CustomUniverse 1.0.3 to take advantage of the improvements with CustomTriggers

4.0.5 Aug 21, 2021
Improvements for CustomTriggers

4.0.4 Aug 20, 2021
Minor bug fixes with adding potion effects from the GUI on 1.8

4.0.3 Aug 20, 2021
Minor bug fixes
This version fixes a bug that could sometimes cause an error to be displayed when the server started

4.0.2 Aug 6, 2021
Minor bug fixes with crafting
This version fixes some minor bugs that could sometimes cause certain vanilla items to not be craftable

4.0 Aug 5, 2021
This version releases 4.0-BETA1, 4.0-SNAPSHOT1 and 4.0-SNAPSHOT2

This version of CustomItems requires CustomUniverse, which is a bridge between CustomItems and other custom plugins like CustomTriggers.

Updating will migrate all of your globals to CustomUniverse. This can't be un-done!

4.0-SNAPSHOT2 SNAPSHOT Aug 5, 2021
Bug fixes with loop

4.0-SNAPSHOT1 SNAPSHOT Jul 27, 2021
Support for "loop" from CustomTriggers on CustomItems blocks
You can now use the CustomTriggers "loop" trigger inside of CustomItems block files. Keep in mind that this will loop through all loaded blocks, so be extra careful to take server performance into account here.

This will only run on blocks that have been loaded into memory since the server was started, and won't run on blocks that haven't been loaded. For example, let's say you have two custom blocks placed in the world. One block at position 0, 0, 0, and one at position 20000, 100, 70000. You restart the server, and initially, none of the loops will run (because no blocks have been loaded, cause there's no players to load them). Let's now say a player joins at the location 3, 120, 2. They're close enough to 0, 0, 0 for Minecraft to load those chunks, so the loop will start running on that block only.

Then, if a new player joins and teleports to 20000, 100, 70000, the block there will also load, so now the loop will run on both of the custom blocks.

If you're trying to do stuff with time, it is recommended that you use the {time} placeholder to avoid situations where blocks might not be loaded into memory when you want them to.

# Inside myCustomBlock.yml
    interval: 600 # run this action every 600 ticks = 30 seconds
        action: console broadcastMessage # You should use CustomTriggers notation in your actions here
        message: "Ran a loop on a block at {block.x}, {block.y}, {block.z}"
        action: setGlobal
        name: "block_{block.x}_{block.y}_{block.z}_last_loaded_time"
        value: "{time}"

3.10.14 Jul 11, 2021
Minor bug fixes with setDrops on MC 1.8

3.10.13 Jul 11, 2021
New {time} placeholder
This version adds a new placeholder {time}, which is replaced with the current unix timestamp in seconds. This can be really useful to see how much time has passed between two things happening

        action: setVariable
        name: "lastUsedTime"
        value: "{time}"
        action: sendMessage
        message: "It's been {{time} - {variable.lastUsedTime}} seconds since you've used this item"

3.10.12 Jul 10, 2021

3.10.11 Jul 10, 2021
Bug fixes for 1.8 & 1.9
This version brings a few minor bug fixes to older versions with the new trigger editor in the /cui create GUI

3.10.10 Jul 5, 2021
Minor bug fixes with new GUI
This version makes a few minor bug fixes with the new item editing GUI

3.10.9 Jul 5, 2021
Minor bug fixes with custom block textures

3.10.8 Jul 1, 2021
Minor bug fixes with playerSetFlying

3.10.7 Jun 30, 2021
New "setPlayerFlying" action
You can now enable/disable flight with the "setPlayerFlying" action

action: setPlayerFlying
flying: true

Set the "fallDamage" parameter to false to make it so the player won't take fall damage when they stop flying (only the first time they take fall damage will be blocked — any fall damage after that will still be allowed)

action: setPlayerFlying
flying: false
fallDamage: false

3.10.6 Jun 24, 2021
Minor bug fixes with /cui list
This version fixes some minor bugs with /cui list if the item specified is invalid

3.10.5 Jun 22, 2021
Use placeholders in item amounts
This version makes it so you can use placeholders in item amounts

action: givePlayerItems
  "diamond": 1
  "gold_ingot": "{player.level}"
  "{global.third_item_to_give}": "{variable.third_item_amount_to_give + 1}"

3.10.4 Jun 17, 2021
NBT improvements for 1.17
This version brings some minor NBT improvements for 1.17

3.10.3 Jun 14, 2021
More minor 1.17 bug fixes
This version brings a few more minor bug fixes with NBT in 1.17

3.10.2 Jun 14, 2021
Bug fixes for 1.17
This version makes some minor bug fixes with NBT for 1.17

3.10.1 Jun 12, 2021
Minor improvements for 1.17

3.10 Jun 11, 2021
Built with 1.17
This version was built with MC 1.17

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