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Game Mechanics

Crops will grow at a specified time which you will see in the config.
1000 is default (7am) As we know, Minecraft has 24000 ticks / Day
All crops will grow successively if their pot is watered.

Season & Greenhouse

Season is an important part of StardewValley Farming System which means crops only grow in a suitable season. Inproper seasons will make crops into dead stage but you can use greenhouse glass to allow them grow all year.
Season change has two modes: Automatic and Command
You might use command to change season to sync other plugin's season for example RealisticSeason.


There are three templates of fertiziliers:
SpeedGrow: Crops have a small chance to grow two stages at a time
RetainingSoil: Pot have a small chance to retain its water after crops grow
QuailityCrops: When haveresting, players have a higher chance to get high quality crops.

Sprinkler & WateringCan

Sprinkler is a semi-automatic way of watering pot. You can add water to sprinkler with water bucket or watering can. Max storage and range can be customized.
Watering can also has its max storage and range. 1x1 1x3 3x3 and even 9x99 is supported!


If configurated, crops will still absorb water every day and have a very little chance to be OverWeight(gigantic) before it's dead.


Crops have three qualities, if you don't want this feature just disable it in config. Quality is determined by the fertizilier players use and their luck!

Harvest Repeatedly

If configurated, crops can be harvested with hands repeatedly and return to a specified stage.

Highly Optimizied

1.Crops only grow at the specified time and won't impact the performance in other times.
2.Growing judge is async and only the last step ** replace blcoks ** is sync.
3.Crops will not actually grow at the same time. It's laggy to replace so many blocks at the same time. They will grow in a random time(in seconds) which you can specified in the config after "grow-time"(7am default)
4.Four grow modes to choose



/customcrops setseason [world] [season] # set a specified world's season
/customcrops reload # reload the plugin
/customcrops backup # back up the data
/customcrops forcegrow [world] # force a specified world's crops to grow a stage
/customcrops forcewater [world] # force a specified world's sprinklers to work
/customcrops forcesave [file] # save the cache to file


%customcrops_season% show the season in the world
%customcrops_nextseason% show the days to the next season



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