custom crop system with seasons, sprinklers, crows and more features.​


>This plugin requires ItemsAdder OR Oraxen as dependency (Not compatible with oraxen 2.0 for the moment)
You have to install one of them for the plugin to work!
Join the Discord and verify your purchase to get the premade resource packs.


Crops support different modes:

Tripwire mode:
Tripwire is one type of blocks. It would not cause any lag. But you can only create at most 127 custom blocks based on it. In another way, if one crop has 5 stages, you can create at most 25 new crops. When you break the crops, they would flicker because Minecraft clients predicates the block state changes. This can not be solved unless installing a mod.
Item frame/display mode:
Item frame and item display(1.19.4+) are based on entities. You can't see them from a far place due to Spigot optimization. Entities would cause more lag(≈0.003mspt for one crop). However you can create as many crops as you want.

Premade assets:
You will get 13 types of crops with at least 4 stages for each if you buy this resource. To get them, you should verify your purchase in Discord firstly.


Seasons and greenhouse:
Season is an important part of the farming system. Crops only grow in a suitable season and inproper seasons will make crops into a dead stage. You can use greenhouse glass to allow them growing all year.


Crows and scarecrows:
Crops have a little chance to be attacked by a crow.
A scarecrow would help the crops free of attacks.


Sprinkler and watering-can:
The sprinkler and watering-can work the same like what vedio game "Stardrew Valley" does. Sprinkler provides a semi-automatic way to water the pots. They will work in a certain period of time and keep pots' moisture. Watering-can requires players to manually water the pots.


There are five templates for fertilizers. Each of them plays a special role in crops' growth. Some of them increase the yield while some of them keep the pot wet. You can check the fertilizers with a soil surveyor.


Highly optimized:
Crops' growing progress is distributed evenly to the whole day so there would not be large amount of blocks replacement at the same time. Moreover, crops' data would be removed from file as soon as they are ripe, which would not affect your server performance in the long term. Even if there are 100,000 crops growing at the same day, the MSPT consumption of growing task is less than 30 if you are running a server with 5800X CPU. The plugin performs best if you have multiple CPU cores and abundant memories. (NOTE: The stress test is carried out in tripwire mode. It would consume more resources if you are using entities for crops because entities themselves are laggy)


Open source:
You can compile the plugin if you can't afford it.
You are welcomed to be one of the contributors by opening a pull request
Quick Support:
Your support request would be handled in less than 24hours in most cases. If your message has been ignored for hours, try pinging the admin because sometimes we forgot to reply.

About Resource Pack:

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Terms of Service:

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Make changes if you need to.
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