xPringle Apr 5, 2024
Awesome plugin, full of customization features. Support is fantastic as well, I've always gotten help within 24 hours. I can't recommend this enough, there aren't any plugins like this.
Syntrox Apr 24, 2024
idonkey Feb 28, 2024
I recommend you to buy him the plugin's after-sales service he's very good and his optimization he's worth the price he's really great!
ItsLeon Feb 12, 2024
Amazing plugin, quite confusing at first to setup but once installed it's the best fishing plugin for Minecraft!
Taner Dec 25, 2023
Version 2.0.3
Best fishing plugin ever created for minecraft.
jhqwqmc Dec 18, 2023
Version 2.0.2
Banciyuan May 15, 2023
In China's QQ group, the author's service attitude is not very good.
When asked a simple question, one sentence can solve it. At that time, there was a significant update to the plugin configuration file, and its location was different from before. When I asked him, he didn't want to answer me and started talking about reading Wikipedia, but there was no updated content in it. I said I didn't see it, but he and his friends kept repeating about watching Wikipedia. Finally, I solved this problem myself, resulting in a very bad shopping experience.
I still bought three plugins, but the service is not good.
The DISCORD service is relatively good.
The plugin is good, the service needs improvement.
Chinese friends suggest asking on DISCORD.
Dennahi May 14, 2023
I received it as a gift, it was on my wish list, it really is an amazing plugin, I intend to buy others from the EliteFantasy team, such as CustomCrops, CustomNameplates, and a pack that adds more fish to CustomFishing!
Really loved the gameplay! It makes the players more interested, makes fishing more interesting, a great pastime, and also because of the fish shop you can do something related to the economy for those who like fishing.
The support team is extremely efficient, they respond quickly, even silly questions, any error that may appear they try their best to resolve it.
Olliepoke Apr 10, 2023
very good, think that u should make the price a little less, but over all really nice

Author's response
Why, you think it's not worth it
MagicElk235 Mar 10, 2023
Version 1.3.0-beta-4-hotfix
WorkshopSix Nov 9, 2022
Version 1.2.6
Good plugin, thanks for this.
iqtester Oct 28, 2022
Version 1.2.3
CustomFishing, a 100% worth plugin. XiaoMoMi the developer of this plugin, he is a excellent developer. But I don't know why I didn't see his name in whole page. CustomFishing best performance, support, updates. Just look at what it brings to your server. Buy it!

Note: EliteFantasy, not mean all of their plugins worth to buy, especially the plugin start with Elite.
raenzil Sep 6, 2022
A great plugin which is full of innovation and artistic charm! This plugin greatly raises the upper limit of minecraft's fishing, which is just the perfect fishing add-on I was waiting for.
Thanks a lot for your hard works to make this plugin!
Sillycats Aug 11, 2022
Version 1.0.1
Nice plugin, also the support is nice too! Thanks for this super super super awesome resource!! 😍😍

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