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  • This version requires MMOCore 1.12 to work with latest API
  • This version requires CustomCrops to work with latest API
  • Added {size} placeholder which can be used in message/command Jul 1, 2023
  • Fixed potion-effect action Jun 23, 2023
  • Added NeigeItems hook
  • Increased the priority of CustomFishing Item check
  • Fixed magnet_bait & wild bait's custom model data Jun 22, 2023
  • Fixed sound action

Don't forget to read the update log Jun 22, 2023

This version contains some important changes that would benefit in the long term.
Use command "/customfishing convert" to automatically convert your loots into new format.
Use command "/customfishing convert" to automatically convert your loots into new format.
Use command "/customfishing convert" to automatically convert your loots into new format.

 Converted files would be named by converted-xxx.yml

  • Changes:

Improved action system which provides chain action / chance for more possibility
Removed convert-MMOItems-rod option
Standardized requirements formatting, now they are all using advanced-requirements except loots

  • Bug fixs:

Fixed error when there's no loot in lava but player is fishing in lava

  • Compatitibilties:

Now all the supported item plugins can share CustomFishing items' effects
For example, you create an item with key "magnet_bait" in MythicMobs, when you get it from command /mm items get magnet_bait, it would be a CustomFishing bait
Note: if you want to use the feature with ItemsAdder, you should name the items in CustomFishing by "namespace:xxx"

  • New features

Now sell-fish supports item with custom-model-data from other plugins
a new placeholder called "{worth}" is available in loots Jun 20, 2023
  • Fixed async command execution in competitions Jun 20, 2023
  • New features:

A new section called "mechanic-requirements" is added in config.yml. This is designed for servers that want to enable the fishing mechanic at a specific time.
Now you can use placeholder {player} {date} in loot's name & name, you can set the date format in config.yml.

  • Compatibilities:

Upgrade BetonQuest hook to latest 2.0-dev build (668)

  • Bug fix:

Fixed totem configs are not loaded if the file name is not default.yml

  • Changes:

Folders are rearranged for better readability. Don't worry about migration, the plugin would do everything for you when restarting. Be patient because this might take some time if you have a lot of data.

Upgrade jedis to 4.4.3 Jun 11, 2023
  • 1.20 support Jun 5, 2023
  • Added command "debug loot-chance" to show the chance of getting this fish in percentage format
  • Changed bait requirements format. Now they are working like rods' requirements do.
    type: permission
    value: magnet_bait.use
    type: rod
    - nature_fishing_cane
    - silver_fishing_rod
    - golden_fishing_rod
    - star_fishing_rod Jun 3, 2023
Bug fix
  • Fixed fishing competition scheduler (This is a bug since Folia scheduler support in May 27, 2023
Bug fix
  • Fixed vanilla statistics can't be added when catching fish
  • Fixed sellshop price not updated instantly after the update of Folia support May 17, 2023
  • Compatibility with EcoSkills 3.0.0 May 14, 2023
  • Improved Jobs Reborn hook (see wiki) May 10, 2023
Folia Support
  • Added official support for Folia (Requires you to install ProtocolLib too, you might need to edit plugin.yml to make ProtocolLib loaded)
  • Fixed placeholders can't be parsed in competition broadcast
  • Added a new option for competition bossbar to show bossbar to all the players no matter they have joined the competition or not
  • Recoded scheduler system
  • Make fishing game animations smoother May 8, 2023
Bug fix
  • Fixed whitelist-items for fishingbag
  • Fixed placeholders can't be used in fishingbag title
  • Fixed wrong fishingbag title with Spigot
  • Improved the container with paper API May 6, 2023
  • Added new placeholder {goal} & %competition_goal% to get the current competition goal type May 2, 2023
Bug fix
  • Fixed java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver found for jdbc:xxx May 2, 2023
Lib update
  • Updated adventure api to 4.13.1
  • Updated mariadb connector to 3.1.4
  • Updated jedis to 4.3.2 Apr 27, 2023
  • Added support for "material: AIR" in sell-fish.yml Apr 9, 2023
lib update
  • Update libs to latest
  • Try to rehook EcoJobs Apr 8, 2023
Bug fix
  • Fixed date requirement can't be applied to rod/totems
  • Added new requirement type: rod (The rod which player is using)
  • Added Turkish lang
  • Added a new config section to toggle bait animation
  • Added some API methods to get ItemStack's CustomFishing id Apr 3, 2023
Bug fix
  • Fixed groups not applied to loots Apr 2, 2023
Bug fix
  • Fixed NPE when using totems if no custom block plugin is installed
  • Fixed vanilla loots not available when disable-bar-mechanic is true Apr 1, 2023
  • Added new date condition
  • Added debug command Mar 27, 2023
Bug fix
  • Fixed MythicMobs hook
  • Added an option to disable data saving info

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