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lower the difficulty of mode 2
  • Lower the difficulty of mode 2 slightly
  • Added a new argument for mode 2 "pull-method: sneak"  (sneak/move) Mar 24, 2023
  • Optimized NBT reader
  • Improved message system
  • Fixed some small bugs and did some minor internal changes
  • This should be a stable version for 1.3.0 Mar 23, 2023
  • Optimized command system
  • Optimized placeholder system
  • Fixed import command can't save item's amount
  • Fixed placeholders can't be used on sell fish shop
  • Fixed fish finder can be used in non-whitelist world
  • Corrected some language problems
  • Improved API Mar 23, 2023
Bug fix
  • Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in mode 3 game Mar 23, 2023
Spigot support
  • Added Spigot support for all the functions
  • Added update checker
  • Now import command would only save items that are not already existing in item library. Mar 22, 2023
  • Fixed EcoItems' CustomFishing items not loaded Mar 21, 2023
Bug fix
  • Fixed NPE occurred in previous update
  • Fixed Betonquest 1.x quest data Mar 21, 2023
Bug fix and new features
  • Added oraxen custom durability loss implementation
  • Added requirements for baits/enchants/totems/totem's effect/rods
  • Added {player} placeholder in totem's hologram
  • Fixed possible NPE when fish is hooked
  • Fixed API SellFishEvent set money not works properly
  • Fixed mini game not cancelled when player move far away from the fishing hook
  • Fixed API RodCastEvent effect's property hasSpecialRod not applies
  • Changed enchantment config format (See the example below) [Added effect & requirements section]
            silver: 2
            gold: 1
            silver: 6
            gold: 5
        # requirements for a certain level of enchantment
          permission: luck_of_the_sea.admin

1.3.0 Mar 18, 2023
  • Official 1.19.4 support
  • Update Adventure to 4.13.0
  • Update MiniMessage to 4.13.0
  • Update mariadb java client to 3.1.2
  • Update BiomeAPI to 1.19.4

1.2->1.3 Update guide

1.3.0-beta-7 Mar 14, 2023
Bug fix and new features
  • Fixed stats papi broken in previous update
  • Removed old configs for vanilla loots in config.yml
  • Added loot properties for vanilla loots (which means you can execute commands, add skill-xp and so on when catching vanilla loot) The wiki page has been updated and you can get how to edit vanilla loots' actions Wiki Link
  • Fixed bait might throw exception when using on off-hand
  • Fixed head64 not working on non-loot items
  • Added a new section: head-stackable for player_head material items
  • Added effect system to util items (So you can make things like fishing talismans)
  • Added new config sections for mode 2 & 3 bars
  • Fixed RodCastEvent not triggered
  • Removed FishHook event and added MiniGameStartEvent

Update guide

1.3.0-beta-6 Mar 13, 2023
Bug fix
  • Added new placeholder %fishingstats_total% to get the total amount of fish caught
  • Automatically capitalized MMOItems' id to prevent null items
  • Fixed baits give command

Update guide

1.3.0-beta-5 Mar 11, 2023
Bug fixs and new integrations
  • Added AdvancedEnchantments support (regenerate your enchants folder to get the example!)

      double-loot: 0.1
      double-loot: 0.2
      double-loot: 0.3

  • Added EcoJobs support
  • Added new action type: job-xp
  • Added new requirement type: job-level
  • Fixed some debug message not removed

Update guide

SQL fix

1.3.0-beta-4 Mar 9, 2023
  • Added a new config section: statistics
  • Added new placeholders "fishingstats" (Get the statistics of player's fishing) See the wiki page for more information
  • Fixed size-multipler not initialized
  • Added new event type: success-times (See the wiki page item-library for examples)
  • Fixed competition can still be started by command when competition is disabled

Update guide

1.3.0-beta-3 Mar 8, 2023
Bug fix
  • Fixed possible memory leak of totems
  • Fixed totems duplication
  • Fixed Competition configurations
  • Fixed rods not loading properly
  • Fixed SizeMultiplier and ScoreMultiplier
  • Placeholders in competition end messages: %x_player% -> {x_player}
  • File storage mode supports reloading now
  • Code optimizations
  • Added an option to disable metrics

Update guide

1.3.0-beta-2 Mar 6, 2023
  • Added a config section for loots: 

  # Disable bar mechanic for a certain loot
  disable-bar-mechanic: false

  • Renamed totem-blocks to totem_blocks and sell-data to sell_data
  • Improved ClueScrolls Hook (see wiki)

Update guide

1.3.0-beta-1 Mar 5, 2023
Beta version

This is a beta version and you might encounter unstable issues or other problems. Keep in mind that a backup is necessary. Don't use it on production environment until it is stable enough for use. If you meet any problems, open a thread in Discord #Support channel

New features:
Added two brand-new fishing game types
Added new event: "consume"
Added new action: "potion-effect"
Added new item property section "amount"

Re-arranged plugin data structure and make it easier to make extension packs
Other plugins are automatically hooked when detected

Reduced server banwidth consumption
Improved MySQL data security

Fixed sell fish shop price not updated when dragging items

Update guide:


1.2.24 Mar 2, 2023
Stable Version
  • A stable and final version of 1.2, fixed some lang problems. 1.3-beta would be available soon. Feb 28, 2023
Bug fix
  • Added MMOCore custom profession name support
  • Fixed NPE in some cases when using redis Feb 11, 2023
Bug fix
  • Fixed convert-mmoitems-rods function

1.2.23 Feb 8, 2023
CustomBiome Condition Support
  • Added 1.17.1, 1.18.1, 1.18.2, 1.19.2, 1.19.3 custom biome condition support. for example "custom:giant_forest"     "overworld:summer/forest"

1.2.22 Jan 29, 2023
  • Fixed player's fish not returned from shop if player's inventory is full

1.2.21 Jan 20, 2023

[IMPORTANT] Placeholder changes in competition END message:

{1st_player} -> %1_player%    {1st_score} -> %1_score%

This means you can add unlimited player's competition result in end message by using %x_player% & %x_score%

  • Now breaking the totem would make the totem lose its buffs 
  • Recoded competition end message player result placeholders

1.2.20 Jan 19, 2023

This should be the final version of 1.2 if there's no bugs.

I'm dedicated in CustomFishing 1.3 update with more fishing mini-game types and better condition system! If you have any suggestions, it's welcomed in discord channel!


  • Added new competition start condition:

   - monday
   - sunday
   - 1
   - 14

  • Improved papi-condition(support comparing two placeholders):

  type: '>='
  # compare two placeholders
  papi: '%player_health%'
  value: '%player_y%'

1.2.19 Jan 15, 2023
Competition update
  • Fixed score bonus
  • Added new competition type: MAX_SIZE / TOTAL_SIZE
  • Added competition API method

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