This a recreation of an inactive plugin on Spigot. It requires a resource pack to work!

The post can be found here Link. It's a pity that the original developer has abandoned it for some reaseon and there's no support in Discord anymore. It has been abandoned for over a year, so I decided to make a recreation with new features and better support.

Plugin Wiki: Link



  • 10 cool premade nameplates included ( All of them are made by me, NO steal from the original plugin! )
  • MySQL data storage and supports data sync between servers.
  • Permission based nameplates storage.
  • Nameplates will automatically adjust to player's name length. 
  • BossBar & Actionbar sender function included
  • Auto resource pack generation
  • MiniMessage format message (Hex & Gradient)
  • Packets based system and most of the tasks are handled asynchronously
  • Open source
  • Support, if you have problems installing it you can get support 

What can I do with this plugin:

< Custom player name tags with beautiful backgrounds >


< Custom bossbar / actionbar >


< Chatting bubbles >


Plugin Command

  • /nameplates help - show the command list for nameplates
  • /nameplates reload - reload the configuration
  • /nameplates equip <nameplate> - equip a specified nameplate
  • /nameplates forceequip <player> <nameplate> - force a player to equip a specified nameplate
  • /nameplates unequip - unequip your nameplate
  • /nameplates forceunequip - force unequip a player's nameplate
  • /nameplates preview - preview your nameplate
  • /nameplates list - list your available nameplates
  • /bubbles help - show the command list for bubbles
  • /bubbles equip <bubble>
  • /bubbles unequip  - unequip your bubble
  • /bubbles forceequip <player> <bubble> - force a player to equip a specified bubble
  • /bubbles forceunequip <player> <bubble> - force unequip a player's bubble
  • /bubbles list - list your available bubbles

Permission Node

  • nameplates.reload
  • nameplates.equip.<nameplate>
  • nameplates.forceequip
  • nameplates.unequip
  • nameplates.forceunequip
  • nameplates.list
  • nameplates.preview
  • bubbles.equip.<bubble>
  • bubbles.forceequip
  • bubbles.unequip
  • bubbles.forceunequip
  • bubbles.list

About Payment

Chinese users can buy the plugin here when having problems with payment
中國大陸用戶可以到此鏈接購買 Link (愛發電)

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  • XiaoMomi
  • Masaki