Create texts with images​


This a recreation of an inactive plugin on Spigot. It requires a resource pack to work!
The original post can be found here Link. It's a pity that the original developer has abandoned it for some reason. It has been abandoned for over a year, so I decided to make a recreation with new features and better support.


Custom Name tags:
Plugin provides two ways to create player name tags.
Team mode is based on vanilla team functions. Because of the Minecraft limitation where player can only be in one team, some player list plugins that based on team to sort might not be compatible. Don't worry about that, TAB and BungeeTabListPlus are already compatible.
Armor Stand mode uses packets to create fake armor stands, which allows you to create unlimited lines. This mode is highly optimized so you don't need to worry about server network load and CPU load.


Custom Huds:
To make full use of the feature where we can create images for texts, plugin also contains a bossbar and actionbar sender. You can create some basic huds with this plugin. (For advanced huds, it's recommeded to use BetterHud)


Chat bubbles:
It's cool if our chat messages can be sent in the bubble format. Plugin also provides support for some chat plugins (Trchat, VentureChat). You can set blacklist channels so private messages would not be leaked!


Automatic resource pack generation:
You don't have to waste time on making resource packs because the plugin would generate it for you. You can easily merge the pack with ItemsAdder or Oraxen by enabling integrations in config.yml.


Open source:
You can compile the plugin if you can't afford it.
You are welcomed to be one of the contributors by opening a pull request
MySQL/MariaDB/MongoDB/Redis are fully supported by the plugin to synchronize player's data.
Quick Support:
Your support request would be handled in less than 24hours in most cases. If your message has been ignored for hours, try pinging the admin because sometimes we forgot to reply.

Some known issues you have to know:

Shader conflicts:
Some features are using shaders so it might conflict with another plugin. If you know how to merge shaders, that's better. If you don't, ask for support in Discord support channel on the premise of purchase and we will help you merge if it's not something too hard.

Terms of Service:

You may upload the product to a secure and reliable host.
✅Commercial use 
You can make money by using the product.
Make changes if you need to.
You may not resell this product.
You may not relicense this product.
No refunds if you have downloaded the resource.
You may not make this product accessible to anyone who does not require access in order to work on the projects which this product is required for, and you will be held responsible if the product is shared outside of your project.