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Discover regions scattered across your world to be able to quickly travel back to that spot with a command. Commands can contain cooldowns between uses and/or countdowns before teleportation.

This plugin does not depend on any other plugin. However, if you would like to have an economy, you need Vault and an economy plugin (eg. EssentialsX).

PLEASE use the latest version. Older versions may be buggy and will not receive support!

WIKI coming soon!

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➼ 1.8 - 1.17.x Spigot/Paper Supported.
➼ Simple to Use/Setup - Quickly set up and edit regions with commands or in the regions.yml file. Tab complete and border highlighting will help you quickly set-up/edit a region.
➼ Economy - Charge players for traveling back to a region.
➼ Cooldowns - Players must wait to teleport to a location again. Can enable both region and global cooldowns.
➼ Countdowns - Set a timer for players to wait before they can teleport. If they move or get hit, the teleportation will be canceled.
➼ Fully Custom Lang.yml - Customize all messages to any language!
➼ Lightweight/Fast - Plugin is small and uses minimal ram/memory. Data is saved to cache and quickly accessed when needed.
➼ Support - Quick to fix any issues present. Join our Discord server and get support ASAP!

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➼ 1.8 - 1.12.2, 1.17+ Support - Legacy and modern support for this plugin.
➼ Economy - Pay to travel back to regions.
➼ GUI Interface - Easier way to view and edit Regions.
➼ More Commands - Viewing another person's regions, etc.
➼ Tab Complete - Quickly typing commands with tab suggestions.
➼ Region Highlighting - Easily see the border of the region you created/edited.
➼ More Features - Firework launch on entry, Running a command on the first discovery of a region, etc.

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➼ /ctp about - About the plugin.
➼ /ctp help - See the help menu.
➼ /ctp reload - Reload the plugin.
➼ /ctp border <region>  -  View the border/settp of a region.
➼ /ctp create <region>  -  Create a region in your world.
➼ /ctp rename <region>  -  Change the ID/name of a region.
➼ /ctp delete <region>  -  Delete an existing region.
➼ /ctp (list | info) - View all region information.
➼ /ctp (pos1 | pos2) <region>  -  Set cuboid boundaries of region.
➼ /ctp setTP <region>  -  Set teleport location.
➼ /ctp setDisplayName <region> <display name>  -  Change the display name.
➼ /ctp setPrice <region> <price>  -  Change the price of teleportation.
➼ /ctp (setEnabled | setDisabled) <region>  -  Enable/Disable a region.
➼ /ctp reset playerData <region | all>  -  Delete player data for a region.
➼ /ctp (tp | teleport) <region> [player] [bypass]  -  Teleport to a region.
➼ /ctp regions  -  See all locked/unlocked regions.
➼ /ctp (addPlayerRegion | delPlayerRegion) <region> <player>  -  Add/Remove player's region.

NOTE: you can also use /ftp, /fasttp, /fasttravel.

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NOTE: All permission strings can be edited in the lang.yml to your liking!

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Found a Bug or Have a Question? Open a ticket on our Discord Server or contact Kihsomray#0001. Please do not use the review section for support. Thanks =D