? Description

Our pack is designed to enchance the user experience with animated textures, simple yet beautiful UI.

You are greeted with a post office vibe with mail waiting for you everyday!
We have taken the core aspect of the plugin and presented a GUI to provide a vanilla experience for all types of gamemodes:

• Survival
• Skyblock
• Lifesteal
• Factions
• Prison

Our pack is designed to be versatile and easy to understand by players.

This resource contains:

• New GUI + Icons Textures
• 4 animated textures
• Template for item description

This pack contains configurations for the following plugins:

ItemsAdder Configuration
Oraxen Configuration




? Requirements

DailyRewards+ v1.3.2 (paid $5)
Itemsadder Or Oraxen


 ? Installation

1. Make a backup of your server files
2. Drag and Drop the Itemsadder files or Oraxen files into the Plugin list directory
3. Drag and Drop the DailyRewardsPlus folder inthe Plugin list directory
4. Reload your respective plugins (/iazip or /o reload pack) and restart your server

Check out the README.txt file in the pack for more info

? Support & Documentation

Hop on our Discord server and ask away.
Click Me

? With much love

This is our First ever resource released to you guys, it's made with lots of love and patience.
Thank you for supporting us in any way possible <3


? Terms of Service
• The review section is not for reporting bugs or suggestions. 
• If the resource is leaked or redistributed and it's registered under your name, I am allowed to remove you from buyers list without a warning. You are responsible for your purchase and copy of the product.
• All purchases are final, no refunds.
• The price of the product can change at any moment.
• You do not redistribute this config.