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DeliveryBoard is the first plugin that generates delivery quests procedurally after timed intervals without any input from server admins. It has permission based delivery quests that makes it possible for you to create donor only delivery quests. The user friendly and intuitive GUI allows players to get started without any tutorials. All of that with custom items support from your favourite plugins. Allow player's to even skip any delivery they do not want to submit. Add cost for skipping with DeliveryTokens, Currency(Vault Required) or Vanilla Items. It can be fully localized into your preferred language using modular language files. Leaderboard placeholders that support PAPI

Custom GUI Titles(emoji support) & Items

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Image: ItemsAdder has been used for this demonstration.


Full Localization Support



Auto repeating deliveries                      Per delivery permission

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Procedural delivery generation                 Fully customizable rewards

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  Supported Custom Item Plugins



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