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DeluxeBazaar is a plugin that adds advanced bazaar system to your server, like a popular server!
You can join to Discord for any questions, buying plugin without Paypal or testing plugin.

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  • You need to download some plugins for using some plugin features. (Please look to dependencies page)
  • If you have any problem or suggestion, don't use reviews. Just contact to me via discussion, private messages or Discord.
  • My Discord: SedatTR#8666
  • Wiki Page: https://sedattr.gitbook.io/deluxebazaar

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  • Order System with order settings, manage orders, buy & sell orders...
  • Buy & Sell instantly with custom amount, fill inventory...
  • Sell all & Sell items with default Minecraft items support (Not bought from bazaar)
  • Anvil & Sign input types. (Thanks to qKing for sign input)
  • Custom skull heads, HeadDatabase support (Thanks to qKing for custom skull heads)
  • Categories & items per each category
  • Everything is customizable (Includes messages, menus, items, categories, modes...)
  • Easy to use files. Not includes useless settings, lots of file & folder...
  • No lag & no bug*
  • Easy setup & usage
  • Custom item supports (Durability, data, skin, lores, name, enchants, flags settings and more...)
  • Stats for each item, buy & sell order
  • You can use bazaar like a shop
  • Page system for main menu
  • YAML supported, and more!
* In tests, every found bug & lag problem is fixed.

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Every message & permission can be customizable in config.yml
  • /bazaar: Shows all commands. (bazaar.command)
  • /bazaar menu: Opens bazaar menu. (bazaar.menu)
  • /bazaar buy [item] [count]: Buys item. (bazaar.buy)
  • /bazaar sell [item] [count]: Sells item. (bazaar.sell)
  • /bazaaradmin menu [player]: Opens bazaar menu for player. (bazaaradmin.menu)
  • /bazaaradmin buy [player] [item] [count]: Buys item for player. (bazaaradmin.buy)
  • /bazaaradmin sell [player] [item] [count]: Sells item for player. (bazaaradmin.sell)
  • /bazaaradmin createitem [name] [category]: Automatically creates item in your hand and add to files, includes name, lore, enchants, flags, nbt tags and more. (bazaaradmin.createitem)
  • /bazaaradmin reload: Reloads plugin. (bazaaradmin.reload)

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Config: https://sedattr.gitbook.io/deluxebazaar/files/config
Items: https://sedattr.gitbook.io/deluxebazaar/files/items
Menus: https://sedattr.gitbook.io/deluxebazaar/files/menus

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You can use this placeholders for showing some informations.

You can use Bazaar API with adding plugin to your dependencies.


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By purchasing and downloading this plugin, you agree that:
  • There will be no refunds unless it's my fault.
  • You may not redistribute plugin, in any shape or form neither it's code or parts of it.
  • You may not decompile/edit the source code without my permission.
  • You may use it for all the servers you own, but you may not give it to anyone else.
  • You are responsible what happens with the plugin after you download, if plugin is leaked or redistributed and it's registered with your name, I'm allowed to remove your license without warning.
  • You agree to everything listed above.