DeluxeMenus PunishmentGUI


This menu is simple, just do /punish (player) and you can select between 8 types:

* Warn, Kick, Mute, Ban, Blacklist, Unban, Unblacklist and Unmute.

Feel free to change anything to your needs.
My discord for help: lightspark#6426



DeluxeMenus - | It's already in the .rar
Any core that supports Punishments or Punishment Plugin



core.command.tempban - Acces to bans
core.command.ban - Acces to bans
core.command.blacklist - Access to blacklists
core.command.warn - Acces to warns
core.command.tempmute - Acces to mutes
core.command.mute - Acces to mutes
core.command.kick - Access to kicks
core.command.unban - Access to unbans
core.command.unblacklist - Access to unblacklist
core.command.unmute - Access to unmutes
core.staff - Access to the command