Test Server Ip:

Now using CommandTimer plugin to type essentialsx /afk command every 1 second, so luckperms prefix/suffix could refresh in few seconds, works with McMMO as well.

How to use? well, just type /config and press the 2nd player head


Note: This isn't a plugin, this is an all in one plugin configuration for rankup config
(Warning: Make a backup of your luckperms plugin configuration before use mine.)


DeluxeMenus (Create Custom GUI)

PlaceHolderApi (Require placeholder to display most of the menu info)

Vault (Permissions check)


EssentialsXChat (For chat formatting)

CommandTimer (Fix luckperms suffix not refreshing issue) (type /afk command every X seconds)

TAB (For tag/tab formatting)

Command List:

• /config

• /tiers

• /grant (CertainPlayer)

Video Showcase: