Info: Now using CommandTimer plugin to type essentialsx /afk command every 1 second, so luckperms prefix/suffix could refresh in few seconds, works with McMMO as well.


How to use? well, just type /config and press the 2nd player head


Note: This isn't a plugin, this is an all in one plugin configuration for rankup config

(Use your own luckperms config)

• DeluxeMenus (Create Custom GUI)
• PlaceholderAPI (Require placeholder to display most of the menu info)
• LuckPerms (Manage group etc)
• Vault (Permissions check)
• EssentialsX
• EssentialsXChat (For chat formatting)
• CommandTimer (Fix luckperms suffix not refreshing issue) (type /afk command every X seconds)
• TAB (For tag/tab formatting)

Command List:
• /config
• /tiers
• /grant (CertainPlayer)

Video Showcase: