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Features List:
Disclaimer: Please consult the wiki for commands, permissions, etc.
• Fully customizable sellwands
   - Define sell multiplier and uses (infinite included) when giving wands
   - Custom names, lores, flags, glow, custom item textures (1.14+)
   - Placeholders to track items sold & money made
   - Cooldowns for usage, cooldown bypass permission
• Usable on multiple containers
   - Use sellwands on chests, double chests, hoppers, shulkers, barrels
   - Use sellwands on WildChests' containers
   - Use sellwands on AdvancedChests' containers
• An ever-growing list of price handlers
   - Grab item prices from DeluxeSellwands, ShopGUI+, EssentialsX, CMI, OneStopShop, GUIShop, ZShop
   - Define custom items and their prices (e.g diamonds called "Shiny Diamonds" sell for more compared to normal diamonds)
   - Define permission-based taxes (e.g "dsw.tax.10" takes 10% tax on sales)
• Quality of Life Features
   - Easily give sellwands to everyone online (using @a in the command)
   - Drop confirmation feature (hard for players to lose their wands)
   - Fully customizable messages, actionbars, and sounds for every scenario (RGB for 1.16+)
   - Select how to display numbers (e.g 10000 can be shown as 10,000 or 10k)
Exclusive - Sale & Inspection Holograms
   - Display holograms above chests after each sellwand scenario (sale, inspection, no valuables found & more)
   - Define custom commands allowing players to toggle holograms
   - Left-click on containers to inspect them (view their worth, item amount)
   - Select HolographicDisplays or CMI to handle hologram spawning
Exclusive - Factions Chest Steal
   - Use sellwands to steal (sell) items from enemy containers, define custom penalties
Exclusive - Sellwand Chargers
   - Special items that add uses to depleted sellwands
   - Select whether or not sellwands break on usage depletion or require to be re-charged
Exclusive - Sell Commands
   - Define custom commands for sell hand, sell hand all, sell all
• Support for 3rd party plugins
   DeluxeSellwands seamlessly works with plugins to provide deep integration with your server, including LockettePro, ModernLWC, Towny, Factions (and UUID-based forks). IridiumSkyblock, Lands, PlotsSquared, FabledSkyblock, SuperiorSkyblock2, ASkyblock, BSkyblock, SuperBoosters, EliteMasks, WildChests, AdvancedChests, and many more! (If you are unsure about another plugin, DM me!)
• General Quality
   - Auto-updating configurations on plugin updates
   - Highly adaptive, works on versions from 1.8 up to latest
   - You get what you pay for, a premium quality plugin with premium support
* (Features marked as exclusive may not be accurate forever, however, those features were first-seen on DeluxeSellwands!)
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