Build 23a 9 hours ago
UPDATE: Build 23a
• Hotfix: EconomyShopGUI price handler not enabling correctly.

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Build 23 2 days ago
UPDATE: Build 23
• Fix: Gradients working correctly in messages.
• Fix: Invalid materials/prices while using DSW's price handler will no longer throw errors but inform you about it on startup.
• Addition: Item binding feature (check resource page for more information).
• Addition: EconomyShopGUI support as a price handler.

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Build 22e Oct 17, 2021
UPDATE: Build 22e
• Hotfix: Issue with the inspection feature removing items when ShopGUI+ or OneStopShop is selected as the price handler.

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Build 22d Oct 11, 2021
UPDATE: Build 22d
• Addition: New "centered" option in messages.yml for chat messages. Please note that messages will not always be fully centered as resource packs with custom fonts can have an effect.
• Fix: Price handler issue with OneStopShop.

If you are enjoying the plugin, please take some time to leave a review. They are greatly appreciated! ❤

Build 22c Oct 3, 2021
UPDATE: Build 22c
• Hotfix: Updated price handling method for ShopGUI+.

Build 22b Oct 3, 2021
UPDATE: Build 22b
• Fix: WildChests outdated API that would cause issues with storage unit containers.
• Addition: You can now define custom item prices per world (DeluxeSellwands price handler required).

Build 22a Sep 13, 2021
UPDATE: Build 22a
Fix: Logical error with Essentials' price handler which would cause incorrect selling behavior.
Other: Removed faulty configuration sections.

Build 22 Sep 12, 2021
UPDATE: Build 22
Fix: Hook priorities that would break functionality in some cases.
Fix: Error when clicking on glass panes in the chargers menu.
Fix: Being able to use chargers on incorrect sellwands.

Addition: If there is an error in DeluxeSellwand's price handler item list, it'll print the exact material that errors on console.
Addition: You can now configure sellwands to go through shulkers (itemstacks) that are placed inside a container and sell their content.

Other: QoL improvements with configuration notes, menu and update messages.

Build 21g Aug 20, 2021
UPDATE: Build 21g
Addition: You can now also use titles for every message (alongside chat messages and actionbars).
Addition: You can now use any PlaceholderAPI placeholder in any of DeluxeSellwands' messages.

Build 21f Jul 5, 2021
UPDATE: Build 21f
Hotfix: Not skipping named items in some cases.
Hotfix: LockettePro false logic.

Build 21e Jun 25, 2021
UPDATE: Build 21e
Hotfix: Updated to latest version of EliteAPI (you should no longer require to have EliteAPI inside your plugins folder in order for it to work. Please make sure you are using the latest versions of the respective 'Elite' plugins).

Build 21d Jun 19, 2021
UPDATE: Build 21d
NOTE: Please read the update notes so that you are aware of all the changes.

Fix: Error when holograms are enabled but no plugin is found.
Fix: Missing messages for Factions & LockettePro hooks.

Addition: 1.17 support.
Addition: Customizable IridiumSkyblock permission for using sellwands.

Build 21c Jun 4, 2021
UPDATE: Build 21c
Hotfix: Issue with the chargers menu not functioning correctly.
Hotfix: Filler items in the chargers menu having a display name while they should not.

Build 21b May 25, 2021
UPDATE: Build 21b
Hotfix: Sounds file resetting to default when using dsw reload.

Build 21a May 25, 2021
Build: 21a
Hotfix: Issue with LWC where you couldn't sell containers if they were not registered. I'd like to remind you at this point to use LWCX as it is the only fork that is being updated.

Build 21 May 23, 2021
UPDATE: Build 21
NOTE: Please read the update notes so that you are aware of all the changes. This update overhauls most of the plugin therefore a configuration reset is required.

Fix: Drop confirmation not working correctly in some cases.
Addition: Sellwand chargers, which can be used to restore uses on sellwands. You can now also choose whether sellwands just break or turn unusable (until re-charged) once they hit 0 uses.
Addition: Sell commands, just like in various shops plugins (sell hand, sell hand all, sell inventory), you can use define your own custom commands for those 3, cooldowns, permissions, and, they will use DeluxeSellwands' price handler.
Addition: Tab completion for commands.
Addition: Missing sounds for the drop confirmation feature.
Addition: Select which holograms are toggled with the command, added cooldown bypass permission.
Addition: AdvancedChests' container support.
Addition: Select between 2 value formats (display 10000 as 10k or 10,000).
Change: All numbers are now being formatted (previously only money).
Change: QoL changes for admins, such as clickable links when in-game & clickable wiki in the menu.
Change: The error message for invalid sounds is now clearer and will only display 3 times (previously would spam).
Change: All of the messages/sounds have been moved to their own file for easier access and edits.
Change: You can now define custom volumes and pitches for each sound.
Change: You can now select between chat/actionbar or both for every single message.
Change: You can no longer edit the bypass permissions, check the wiki for updated permission nodes.
Change: Holograms are now per-center-block (meaning only 1 hologram will show, instead of concurrently having 1 on each side or multiple on one side which would get spammy).

As these updates take a lot of time to complete, please consider buying me a coffee, if not - that's fine too! Thanks for purchasing DeluxeSellwands. ❤

Build 20 Apr 15, 2021
UPDATE: Build 20
Fix: WildChest's storage units not being cleared after a sellwand has been used on them.
Addition: You can now define prices for custom items (custom named) when using the DeluxeSellwands price handler. Examples are included in the configuration.
Addition: You can now define a custom command(s) to toggle holograms when using the sellwand to sell (this does not affect inspections). Messages, actionbars, sounds and cooldowns included.

Build 19a Apr 10, 2021
UPDATE: Build 19a
Fix: Issue where items wouldn't disappear from chests if you had the holograms feature enabled but no hologram plugin installed.

Build 19 Apr 7, 2021