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This plugin helps you create new nether styled portals that any player can build and use to travel between worlds. It offers a variety of options that can be used to create all kinds of portals. You can change every aspect of a nether portal from the frame-block to the entities transforming to another entity when they use the portal.

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  • Fully customizable portals.
  • Easily create portals using the portal creator.
  • Any player can build a portal and travel between worlds.
  • Link pre-generated worlds with a portal to create the experience of playing on a mod pack.
  • Suggestion open. You can suggest any idea and it will be added, as long as it has to do with the plugin.

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Create a portal using the portal creator. Add the downloaded file in the /plugin/Dimensions/Portals/ folder and restart your server.
Then you can join your server and build a nether styled portal using the materials you specified in the config. Then you can enter the portal and travel to the other world. Enter the portal again to return to the previous world.

Portal linking logic:
The portal will take you to the specified world. If you are in that world the portal will take you to the last world you used the portal on.


Soft depend

The portal creator page cant download the file in the Microsoft Edge browser. Use another browser or copy-paste the config in a local file.

The vanilla nether portal will be disabled if there is a portal using obsidian, nether portal block and goes to nether_world

Settings.yml help

DebugLevel: <default: 0> | 0-3 levels to help debbuging
GenerateNewWorlds: <default: false> | Allow the plugin to generate and load worlds that are not managed by another plugin.
MaxRadius: <default: 10> | radius of a portal (how many blocks wide the portal can be, only frames)
DefaultWorld: <default: world> | the plugin will send the player here if the return algorithm fails
EnableParticles: <default: false> | spawn particles around portal
EnableMobsTeleportation: <default: false> | enable mobs from teleporting through portals
EnableNonLivingEntitiesTeleportation: <default: false> | enable any entity to go through portals
TeleportDelay: <default: 4> | how much seconds the player must stand in the portal to be teleported
SearchRadius: <default: 128> | How many blocks away from the portal location the plugin will search for lit portals.
SafeSpotSearchRadius: <default: 16> | How many blocks away from the portal location the plugin will search for a place to build a portal
ConsumeItems: <default: true> | Update durability or remove an item from player's inventory in portal ignition
NetherPortalEffect: <default : true> | show nether portal effect to player when stands on an active portal
PathRules: <default: []> | add "path rules" so the portal linking algorythm will act more like the way you want it to.
ShowPortalContent: <default: true> | Make the inside of the portal visible

PathRules info

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