1.1.8 Oct 5, 2020
Dimensions 1.1.8

Added an option to allow non-living entities to go through portals
Added option for horizontal portals

1.1.7 Sep 20, 2020
Dimensions 1.1.7

Fixed an error occuring when an entity uses a portal

1.1.6 Sep 17, 2020
Dimensions 1.1.6

Fixed an error occuring when the plugin cannot find solid ground

1.1.5 Sep 15, 2020
Dimensions 1.1.5

Plugin will disable portals that lead to default to prevent the server from crashing
Messages should now appear when they should
The plugin will now search for a better location to place the portal instead of stacking portals
Buckets events will no longer affect the plugin
Portal frame will no longer keep players in hold if they leave the portal
Portal frame will no longer be hidden if its a non-solid block

1.1.4 Aug 2, 2020
Dimensions 1.1.4

Removed unused code
Fixed an error when loading a server with deleted portals that were saved in the history file
Fixed an error when teleporting to a world that was not accessible through any portal.

1.1.3 Aug 1, 2020
Dimensions 1.1.3

Added command /dim history clear
Major update in the return system
Added option to consume items on portal ignition
Added option to show the nether portal effect
Added 3 configurable messages
Fixed a bug with liquids flowing when igniting a portal
Fixed a bug where players could place liquids inside portals
Fixed a bug where if liquids were used for portal frame the blocks would be invisible

1.1.2 Jul 26, 2020
Dimensions 1.1.2

Added new file /plugins/Dimensions/Messages.yml where you can edit the message the plugin send to the players when they cant use a portal because of world edit flags.
Fixed a bug that would possible cause the portal frames to work even after being deestroyed.

1.1.1 Jul 18, 2020
Dimensions 1.1.1

Temporary fix for server with 1.14+ Minecraft version.
The plugin would not show the entities to players that have seen once the entities

1.1.0 Jul 16, 2020
Dimensions 1.1.0

Falling block entities are now packet based
Added command /dim clear
Added command /dim reload
Fixed a bug where a portal would be destroyed as soon as it would ignite.
Fixed a bug with the return system

1.0.17 Jun 15, 2020
Dimensions 1.0.17

Dimensions will not teleport a player if they logged out while in a portal
Fixed bug with portal being destroyed after being lit

1.0.16 Jun 10, 2020
Dimensions 1.0.16

Now portals will ignite and can be destroyed inside caves.
Possible crashes fixed
Changed the way portals try to find a safe place to be built
SpawnOnAir option now tries to find a suitable build location if it's trapped inside blocks
Fixed error when the return algorithm would fail.

1.0.15 May 24, 2020