Requires Dimensions 1.1.10


The purpose of this plugin is to add new features that are not included in Dimensions. Everything that a nether portal can do, dimensions can aswell, If you need something more than that you can use DimensionsAddons.

If you are interested in buying DimensionsAddons then you should read these TOS before you complete the purchase

  • Nobody is perfect. There could be a few bugs in the plugin that have not been spotted by me or the people in the testing team. If you encounter one, simply report it on the discussion page and I will fix it asap. (In other words, do not post bugs on reviews)
  • You can request a refund and I will give it to you. (You cannot request a refund 2 weeks after you have purchased the plugin, exception may apply)
  • You can use it on every server you manage/Do not redistribute the plugin

These are the feature you will be adding to Dimensions

Per portal feature
  • Disable teleportation | Player will not be teleported but the rest of the features will run if enabled
  • Unbreakable | Portal frame blocks can not be broken
  • Hubs | the will be only one list portal in the specified world and every portal that teleports to that world will teleport to that one portal
  • Random Location | will teleport the player +- specified blocks away from the teleport location
  • Permissions | require permissions for players to use the portal
  • Money | players are charged when they use a portal
  • WorldGuard | disable teleportation on regions with specified flags
  • Factions | disable teleportation on factions lands with specified relations
  • Message on use | send message when a players uses a portal
  • Commands on use | run commands when a players uses a portal
  • Custom item | ignite a portal with custom items (Lighters can now also be items with specific name)
  • Daylight sensored portals | portal will be able to be lit on specific time range
  • Weather| Portals will only ignite inside/outside specified weather conditions
  • Biomes | Portals will only ignite inside/outside specified biomes and will not teleport to them
  • Limited uses | portal will be destroyed after they get used specified amount of times

Dimensions extra settings
  • Pasted portals | portals will be ignited if they are pasted or generated
  • Bungee | teleport from server to server using portals

Bungee instructions

The plugin adds a few new features for Dimensions.
You add the downloaded .jar inside your plugins folder like you would.

Everything new added will be in the existing plugins/Dimensions/ folder

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If you have any question or you want to join the beta testing you can join the discord server here