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DisableSignsWhileMuted (DSWM) is a plugin addon with support for various different punishment systems. DSWM disables the usage of signs, books and anvil renaming while being muted. This is to prevent people from bypassing your punishment system's mute command.


Getting Started
  • Download the latest version of DisableSignsWhileMuted by pressing "Download" in the top corner of this site.
  • Navigate into your spigot server, and locate the "plugins" folder.
  • Copy & paste the jar file into the plugins folder and restart your server.
  • Navigate into the plugins folder again, and locate the DisableSignsWhileMuted folder. Then open the config.yml file.
  • Then add your system name into "system: <name goes here>"
  • Then restart your server again!

/dswm - Display plugin information
Usage: /dswm
Permission: None

  • /dswm reload - Reload the plugin - requires dswm.reload
  • /dswm check <user> - Check a players mute status -requires dswm.check

How does it work?

DSWM uses a set of handlers in order to manage & handle information coming out of specific plugins.

Supported Systems
[dropdown="Punishment Systems"]LiteBans
AquaCore [/dropdown]
If you have a request of a new system, please send me a message here at SpigotMC or at Discord Server. Make sure that the project you are suggesting has a Development API :)​