This is just a simple plugin to disable enchantments, not much to explain here.
It should work with every Minecraft version from 1.13 on.

  fire_protection: false
  sharpness: false
  flame: false
  soul_speed: false
  aqua_affinity: false
  punch: false
  loyalty: false
  depth_strider: false
  vanishing_curse: false
  unbreaking: false
  knockback: false
  luck_of_the_sea: false
  binding_curse: false
  fortune: false
  protection: false
  efficiency: false
  mending: false
  frost_walker: false
  lure: false
  looting: false
  piercing: false
  blast_protection: false
  smite: false
  multishot: false
  fire_aspect: false
  channeling: false
  sweeping: false
  thorns: false
  bane_of_arthropods: false
  respiration: false
  riptide: false
  silk_touch: false
  quick_charge: false
  projectile_protection: false
  impaling: false
  feather_falling: false
  power: false
  infinity: false

The config is generated on startup with every enchantment that currently exists in bukkit.
By setting the state of the enchantment to true the enchantment gets disabled.
If the state is false, then the enchantment is enabled.

The config reloads automatically if it detects that something has changed (it checks every 5 seconds)
Have fun with this simple plugin :)