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Player Mode and Admin Mode
            Players can run their own drop parties using the items in their inventory and Admins can run drop parties using a list of rewards (command and items) in the config
Random Rewards!
          In Player Mode the DropBow will choose a random item from the players inventory (Not the drop bow or their armor)
             Admin Mode will pick a random reward from the config list

Exploit Protection
               If the player shooting the bow disconnects, or drops the item before the arrow lands, the item will not be given. In other words, the item MUST be taken in order for it to be given.
Smart Announcements
               When a reward is given, you can show the winner, the prize, or both. It uses placeholders to display in chat what the reward is, and even lets you give commands a name in the admin rewards list. It leaves out unnecessary info, and just shows what is relevant
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/DropBow reload - Reloads Config and Messages
/DropBow give [player] - Gives the Player Drop Bow to yourself or targeted player
/DropBow giveadmin [player] - Gives the Admin Drop Bow to yourself or targeted player

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dropbow.receive - Allows player to get DropBow rewards
dropbow.see-announcement - Shows player the announcement messages

dropbow.reload - Allows you to reload the plugins files
dropbow.give - Allows you to use the give command
dropbow.giveadmin - Allows you to use the giveadmin command

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  • Add Chances per Admin Reward
  • Allow for multiple Admin Drop Bows
  • Add feature to mouse over reward in announcement to see lore and enchantments

Terms of Use

If using this plugin on a version of Spigot other than the latest, some features may not work, or not work as expected. If you have any issues, post it on the Discord, but older versions may not get issues fixed.

Do not decompile or in any way look at the contents of this plugin.

The code in the plugin is mine and is private. You may not use any of the code, for private or public projects. If you wish to customize the code for your server, contact me and we can discuss the terms.

These terms can change at any time, so please check back each time the plugin updates.