5.0.1 7 days ago
Update 5.0.1


- Fixed errors presented in SplashX
- Slight modifications to the detection logic

5.0-DIVINE Jul 8, 2024
Update 5.0-DIVINE
- Better active error handling
- Refactored methods for better detection
- Added more blocking messages, so players know what's happening
- Fixed the bug that made the EnderPearl unusable
- New vector calculation for the EnderPearl trajectory
- Fixed all known plugin bugs regarding EnderPearl and mishandling
- Direct blocking of the use of the EnderPearl added, to prevent players from escaping to the Nether Roof
- A new class was created that will be in charge of the Logs from now on

4.1.1 Jun 29, 2024
Update 4.1.1
- Improvements implemented in the code in general
- Now, more than 9 calculations are made to prevent the enderpearl from passing through the walls
- Adjusted methods to be used asynchronously to the main server thread

4.1 Jun 28, 2024
Update 4.1
- Our detection logic has come out of its BETA function, now, the EnderPearl verification, launch, detection radius and mathematical calculations
- New configuration loading and updating system implemented, now, you will not need to reconfigure every time you update the configuration version
- We have closed the DS-PearlFix code

4.0.3 Jun 27, 2024
Update 4.0.3


- New vector calculation for better detection
- Added new permission to receive messages that someone tried to use the Glitch. I HIGHLY recommend deleting the Settings.yml file

4.0.2 Jun 21, 2024
Update 4.0.2
- Support for Minecraft 1.21
- Updated dependencies
- Better use of Notations
- Now, if messages are empty or null, no message will be sent

4.0.1 Jun 10, 2024
Update 4.0.1
- Improved message sending method for better optimization
- Version checker on server startup added
- Improved loading and better configuration handling implemented
- Minecraft 1.13 - 1.20.6 Support

4.0 May 8, 2024