Pack contents:

  • Easter Pack Items | Contains .yml file
  • Easter Pack Mobs | Contains .yml file
  • Easter Pack RandomSpawns | Contains .yml file
  • Easter Pack Skills | Contains .yml file
  • Read Me.log

Installation guide:

  • Select the Easter Pack Mobs Folder and upload it to your ".plugins/MythicMobs/Mobs" folder.
  • Select the Easter Pack Skills Folder and upload it to your ".plugins/MythicMobs/Skills" folder.
  • Select the Easter Pack Items Folder and upload it to your ".plugins/MythicMobs/Items" folder.
  • Select the Easter Pack RandomSpawns Folder and upload it to your ".plugins/MythicMobs/RandomSpawns" folder.
  • Go to your console or in game and type the command "/mm reload". Now you can find Easter eggs!
  • Don't forget to leave a 5-star review if you like the Easter eggs :)


  Presentation video easter eggs!


  • Server IP:
  • Server Version: 1.18.1
  • Current status: Maintenance (Contact on discord if you wish to join)


  • If you have any questions or concerns, or if you want to see the pack in live action, feel free to join my discord server or contact me directly on discord at OhLorenzo#0001


  • Q: Do you make custom MythicMobs configurations.
    • A: Yes, you can open a ticket on my discord for commissions.
  •  Q: Can adjustments be made within each pack that you make
    • A: Yes, all packs that I make can be adjusted, support for this is only given on the discord.
  • Q: Help! I get errors in console, the pack doesn't work?
    • A: Open a support ticket to get your issue resolved! DON'T USE REVIEWS
  • Q: I don't quite like the pack, can I get a refund? 
    • A: No, refunds are not possible unless special exceptions are made.


  • No chargebacks (Refunds are not provided under any circumstances)
  • No redistribution (Sharing the pack or re-selling is strictly forbidden)
  • You may use the file for all of your servers, no other servers/networks
  • Dedicated and infinite support (Verified buyers will receive infinite support from the author, support will be given in either English or Dutch)