This Hub Setup is the best out there! Anyone who owns at least two of my other setups can receive this hub setup for FREE by just making a ticket in my Discord Server! The server version to use should be 1.19.3. ViaBackwards should be used to support earlier versions.

Test Server
You can test this setup in the test server. We recommend using the test server before purchasing, as the video below may be outdated. You will be brought to a hub, and you will be able to navigate to my other test servers. The hub you spawn at is an example of what you will receive. However, it will be styled in a yellow colour instead of blue. however, everything functions the same. To see the yellow hub, see the video below.
Test Server IP: test.thomaskeig.com (Supports 1.16-1.19)


  1. Server Selector GUI
  2. Server Selection NPCs (More can be added if you wish)
  3. Teleport Bow
  4. PvP Sword (Allow players to PvP in the hub)
  5. Player Hider
  6. Auto Generating Parkour
  7. Parkour & PvP Leaderboards
  8. Discord Server & Store NPCs

Showcase Video

Discord Server / Support
My Discord Server can be found below. If you need support or would like to ask any questions about this resource, please feel free to ask:dsc.gg/thomaskeig