This economy plugin focusses on being as easy to setup and use as possible. It was created to help new server owners get an economy up and running as quickly as possible and contains only the key features to do so.

  • Easy to setup (Drag it into the plugins folder - restart - done!)
  • Easy to use
    • Minimal commands (/money, /eco give|take|set, /pay, /baltop)
    • Permissions are disabled by default but can be configured for advanced use
  • All messages customizable
  • All settings customizable
  • Perfect for first-time server owners
  • A Bukkit/Spigot/PaperMC Server
  • The Vault Plugin
  • (This Plugin uses bstats for anonymous statistics. You can learn how to opt-out here)
Many questions can be answered in the wiki
We are happy to support you on our discord server.

Do not ask for help in the discussion / the reviews please.
I don't receive notifications and I will be unable to properly help you there.
Please just ask on the discord for help, I usually answer in a few hours and at most a day.

This plugin has the following outside connections:
  • bstats as described in the dependencies
  • an update checker to spigotmc.org, disable it in the config.yml if you don't want it
It will work without an internet connection too, just disable the connections.