eco is a powerful Spigot development library that simplifies the process of plugin creation and supercharges your plugins. It's the engine behind EcoEnchants, Reforges, EcoItems, EcoSkills, EcoArmor, Talismans, and many more.

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For server owners

  • Requires ProtocolLib to be installed: get the latest version here
  • Supports 1.17+


  • Stable (Recommended): GitHub, Polymart
  • Dev (Not Recommended): GitHub (Open latest run and download)

For developers


The 6.13.0 Javadoc can be found here

Plugin Information

eco is a standalone plugin, so you will need to install it on any servers that have plugins which depend on it, and specify it as a dependency in your plugin.yml:

  - eco

Get from JitPack:


repositories {
        maven { url '' }
dependencies {
        compileOnly 'com.willfp:eco:Tag'

Replace Tag with a release tag for eco, eg 6.13.0.



Replace Tag with a release tag for eco, eg 6.13.0.

Build locally:

Run the following commands in your terminal of choice.

If you're on windows, you will need to have git bash installed.

git clone
cd eco
./gradlew build


Click here to read the entire license.

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