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Image Transcription:
EcoCrates is a super-versatile plugin that removes the
headache from dealing with crates. Tons of opening
styles, particle effects, holograms, and anything else.
Any rewards have two chances: the chance of showing
up, and the chance of actually winning - you can have
rare rewards show up more than they'll actually be won.
Win items and commands, have physical crates, real and
virtual keys, animations, sounds, fireworks, GUI previews,
permission-based chance multipliers, and so much more.
Why this plugin?
All my plugins are designed with integrations in mind. Support for any claims / protection plugin and anticheat that you could have, and direct support for over 30 different plugins, no matter what they do. Have any custom items plugins? They'll integrate seamlessly, so you can crate crafting recipes with them, or have them given as drops, rewards, or anything else.
Complete support for any and every RGB/Gradient format in use, including MiniMessage, PlaceholderAPI, and more. Your configs will automatically update, too, and you can also get access to automatic updates, right from console.
And of course, like all my plugins, it's completely open-source, so you can change absolutely anything to your needs. No more worrying about quality, it's transparent.
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