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EcoEnchants is the #1 most powerful custom enchant plugin ever made.

You can create real, server-registered enchantments just by making configs without any programming knowledge required.
Enjoy our finetuned and balanced default enchantments, make your own, or download community-made enchantments from lrcdb just by running a command.

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Real, Server-Registered Enchantments
Unlike other enchantment plugins, EcoEnchants registers real enchantments into the server - no lore lines, no unstable NBT. All plugins support EcoEnchants out of the box - if you have any plugin that works with enchantments, it will work with EcoEnchants.

Totally Seamless
EcoEnchants is built with a core philosophy of being a plugin that you don't even realize is there. Because EcoEnchants uses real enchantments, they feel completely vanilla and seamlessly integrate with everything else on your server. For developers, we also have full compatibility with the Spigot enchantment API, so for most things you won't even need to add EcoEnchants as a dependency.

Infinite Levelling
EcoEnchants doesn't hardcode functionality for different enchantment levels like other plugins do. Instead, there's full support for infinite levelling without any extra work required.

Anything you can do with vanilla enchants, you can do with EcoEnchants. Combine with anvils, remove with grindstones, and obtain through the enchanting table, villagers, and even with natural loot generation.

Unbelievably Configurable
Literally everything in EcoEnchants is configurable. Names, descriptions, chances, effects, conditions, GUIs, you name it - you can configure it. There is absolutely nothing that you can't change to your liking.

Enchantment Types
Every other enchant plugin limits you to normal enchantments, and maybe to curses as well. But in EcoEnchants, you can create as many different types as you want. By default, EcoEnchants comes with Special enchantments (only 1 per item), and Spell enchantments (special abilities) as well, but you can create and delete as many as you like to fine-tune EcoEnchants to your server.

Zero Bloat
EcoEnchants is an enchantment plugin, pure and simple. You don't get anything you don't want. We don't add kits, we don't add pointless items, we don't have scrolls. EcoEnchants was made specifically to be one thing and one thing only: the best enchantment plugin in the world.

Custom Item Support
Like all eco plugins, EcoEnchants has first-class support for custom items from all your favourite plugins. You can make enchantments exclusive to certain custom items, give custom items in effects, or even use custom textures in effects.

Enchant Display
EcoEnchants uses packets to display enchantments in any way you want. Reactive, dynamic descriptions, multiple enchants per line, custom colors, custom formatting, custom ordering, the list goes on. And more than this, you can also customise vanilla enchantments in the exact same way.

Enchantment GUI
EcoEnchants has a built-in GUI to explore all enchantments, like an in-game wiki for all your players. You can also drop in any item to view the enchantments available for it, and learn about conflicts, rarities, types, and anything else in a completely intuitive way.

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EcoEnchants is powered by libreforge, the most powerful effects system ever put into a plugin.

You can create anything you want without ever knowing how to code.
The effects system contains over 200 effectsover 100 conditionsover 100 triggers, and an infinite number of configs.

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The Most Integrations
When combined with the incredible capabilities of our plugin engine, eco, the libreforge effects system has more external plugin integrations than any other plugin ever released. Custom items, anticheats, protection/claim plugins, custom mobs, holograms - you name it, we support it.

Mathematical Expressions with Placeholders
Everywhere you can put in a number, you can put in a mathematical expression and use placeholders in it. Want to make a player's mining speed dependent on their y level? How about making their damage related to their economy balance? Any idea you have, no matter how insane, we support.

Animations and Particles
The effects system has native animation and particle systems so you can make your configs feel more reactive and alive. Visual and auditory feedback are just one effect away, allowing your creations to have a high budget feel without any of the cost.

Open-Source with Developer API
For developers and more advanced users, our effects system is completely open-source and extensible. Create your own effects, conditions, filters, slots, mutators, animations - if you've got custom plugins you want to hook up, you can do it with ease.

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Customise Everything
Unlike other effect systems which lock you to simply mixing and matching effects and triggers, you'll be able to change literally every aspect to your liking. Blacklist and whitelist blocks, entities, items, and more, change messages, add cooldowns, delays, repeats, costs - you'll be blown away by how much you can make.

Persistent Variables
You can store data for players or for the server to use in effects or just to store in your database. You can create full currencies, mana systems, and anything else just by setting up the right effects. What's more, you can also store data inside item NBT, and we also include a full built-in item levelling system that you can customise to your liking.

Custom Placeholders and Macros
If you're worried about repeating yourself when making complex effect systems, we include full systems to make your own placeholders (fully integrated with PlaceholderAPI) and macros through our effect chain and effect argument systems. Even though all configs are written entirely in YAML with no special syntax, you can create entire programming systems without cluttering up your configs.

Community Config Support
You can import community-made configs directly into your server thanks to our config website lrcdb (click to visit). With over 1300 public configs and over 350,000 configs ever made, you'll be in good company when using our ecosystem.

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