MicRa May 23, 2023
Version 5.1.0
Great Plugin, Great Dev, absolutely frigging MASSIVE amount of effects to screw around with, and to top it all off, a really good dev who WILL listen to you. 10/10
nurSIMBA Mar 12, 2024
Version 5.42.5
Extremely poor to no support for configs, questions ignored. No help for item configuration, only requests for extra payment. Chaotic wiki. Out of 400 updates, maybe 100 are significant. Prioritizes new plugins over fixing issues for profit. Cannot recommend purchasing the Eco series in its current state.
Kangaroozy May 23, 2023
Version 5.0.1
Exanthiax May 17, 2023
Version 4.13.0
Absolutely top tier. Just the same as Auxilors other plugins, so so easy to configure. Want a bow that shoots 3 arrows at once every 10 seconds? You can do it. Homing bow? Done. Pickaxe that mines a 3x3 area when you right click and costs you $1000? Check. All with custom model support? Of course it does.

Very powerful plugin, very powerful items. Can make some super simple items used in other crafting recipes, or you can make complex and unique items. If you aren't super confident, there is the database site (lrcdb) where you can download other user's configs, or you can get lots of great support in the discord.
LUCIFER Apr 1, 2022
Version 3.42.0
The plugin looks great but is greatly overwhelming for people who do not know how to code. There are hardly any cool particle effect options which I was expecting from a premium plugin. I joined the discord server for help but the staff is not really very helpful and a lot of my questions went unanswered. The wiki does not have any visual examples and the plugin has no youtube tutorials to help new customers figure out how to setup their dream items. Overall I am a bit disappointed with my purchase but it would be great if the plugin had more features like
1. An ingame gui from where we can set up each item.
2. More particle effect options which can be configured at ease without having to code the particle effects ourselves.
3. More effects in general, like for example an area splash effect to damage enemies.
4. Better communicative, patient and helpful support.
5. Ask someone to make YouTube tutorials on the plugins explaining the wiki in detail.
If you guys could please implement these it would extremely awesome and I will gladly higher the rating.
OhLorenzo Mar 7, 2022
Version 3.31.1
I definitely was hesitant using EcoItems cause it seems overwhelming and all, although there was a feature I needed and the developer Auxilor added this extremely quickly. Massively helped out my server, and I would undoubtedly recommend this plugin to any other server owner that's interested in having players enjoy with custom items.

One single thing that I'd personally would have changed is the Wiki, as it's not always 100% clear, although the plugin & support is amazing.

About the 1-star review above, yeah the configuration did change, although it's announced that the configuration is currently in the final form so no more huge changes. The plugin is truly exceptional, and I haven't ever seen anything like this.
b01w Feb 19, 2022
Version 3.28.0
Currently leaving this at a 3 star rating.

Good plugin overall unless you want to configure to your own needs and not use default items. Most of auxilors plugins are good bar the fact that the updates do have to mess around with the formats of ymls. If youve written more than 1000 lines of items yet have to adjust to the constantly changing formats its a waste of time as youll spend more time doing this than actually having the plugin up and running for players.

Author's response
The config format as it is, is finalized. Obviously more things will be added, but what you've written now will continue to work in subsequent updates
OfTeN Jan 20, 2022
Version 3.15.0
The plugin is actually 3 in 1:
- Custom weapons with crafts and effects
- Custom tools with crafts and effects
- General custom craft system to spice up your server and make your players grind for high tier gear
Fairly cheap for it's power, so absolutely recommended!
Seitan Jan 1, 2022
Version 3.0.1
Don't listen to YekaDev review, he was very toxic and wouldnt listen to reason on Auxilor discord.

Auxilor plugins are the Core of my survival RPG 1.18 and without them my server wouldnt be what it is and what my community enjoy. Its packed with features and he fix bugs and updates them REALLY often wich is rare and AWESOME! His an awesome dude and works his ass of, if it means you have to take your current config and work it a little bit when theres a major update its totally whort it, just test it on his server and you'll see
LupinArsene Jan 1, 2022
Version 3.0.1
Well, as I told the Dev of this plugin on his Discord, I am going to be totally honest with this review that I will place in each plugin that I buy and that therefore, after using it I have the right to comment, honestly:

1. The plugins work and are great, but for small servers, where lag is not important, on servers with more than 20 players, the lag will be very important and they are not suitable for production servers. (you can check it with spark)

2. I got really tired of the dev continually changing its settings, every 2 months you had to be configuring everything again and that is something that is very tiring, too much if you have many configurations.

3. Update a lot and that is very good, but it is not the same to update, to correct and improve than to rewrite everything and having to change everything again.

4. Recently he merged two of his plugins and for whom we bought them, because "it is the best for us", according to him, when you had made specific configurations and when you had paid. And by the way, the plugin had not even 6 months of having removed it and is already closing it.

In short, it is exhausting and frustrating to use your plugins with so many sudden changes, unsolved problems, because "everything works fine" and because of the lag they cause. Use them on your server with friends, but not for a server with production players. I stop using them immediately find substitutes. This review is my personal opinion and my experience using ECO.

Author's response
Since you've copy-pasted the same review between three different plugins i'll copy-patse the same response under each of them: 1. Performance is a top priority for me. If I missed any spark profiles you posted in the discord, that's an error on my part, but from what I can see you haven't actually ever reported a single performance issue - and I can't fix something that I don't know about. 2. Over the past few months, my plugins have been getting rewrites and overhauls to bring them up to a higher standard. I made an announcement on my discord about how the rewrites are over and the configs are now in their final form. 3. Basically the same as number 2 4. EcoWeapons and EcoItems merged together into the new EcoItems. That plugin costs more than both other older plugins combined, to make sure that no-one was being cheated out of any money, and to bring the price in line with the new featureset of the plugins. Anyone who bought the older plugins (you included) have been given a license to the new one, free of charge. You essentially got it at a massive discount. In short, I'm sorry to hear that you've had a bad experience with my plugins - I offered a refund by YekaDev/Koyere declined.
SparrowSoul Nov 6, 2021
Version 1.1.1
Great work! I love all the eco plugins.
Sedri Oct 12, 2021
Version 1.1.0
Plugin works great but can really use a update with some more effects. But if what you want is a simple weapons plugin I would consider buying this. The support is active and tries to help you the best they can!
BitBirdGG Aug 25, 2021
Version 1.0.4

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