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5.6.0 Jul 4, 2023
5.6.0 Changelog
- Added rapid_bows effect
- Added telekinesis effect
- Added close_inventory effect
- Fixed elytra_boost_save_chance effect (and all ChanceMultiplierEffect-based effects)

5.5.2 Jun 27, 2023
5.5.2 Changelog

- Improved and optimised change_world trigger (Thanks OfTeN!)
- Fixed bleed effect triggering kill multiple times

5.5.1 Jun 21, 2023
5.5.1 Changelog

- Fixed static triggers not working since last version

5.5.0 Jun 19, 2023
5.5.0 Changelog
- Added decimal support to bonus_health
- Added reason to regen_multiplier
- Added swarm effect
- Added target_player effect
- API: Updated how triggers are enabled
- Optimised trigger dispatching to prevent overhead from unused triggers
- Fixed effects not supporting certain triggers when the mutators would allow it
- API: Mutators now come with TriggerParameterTransformers to specify this behaviour
- Fixed bugs with dynamically registered triggers (e.g. enchant_<type>)

5.4.1 Jun 13, 2023
5.4.1 Changelog

- Fixed item attribute bug (Thanks OfTeN!)

5.4.0 Jun 10, 2023
5.4.0 Changelog

- Added send_minimessage effect (Requires Paper)

5.3.0 Jun 5, 2023
5.3.0 Changelog
- Chain elements are now weighted, so you can make certain elements (effects) more likely than others if using the 'random' run-type.
- API: Chains can now be triggered directly without manually creating a DispatchedTrigger.

5.2.2 Jun 3, 2023
5.2.2 Changelog
- Chains will now be considered executed if any element in them triggered successfully. This fixes bugs where effects lower down in chains are not executed if effects above them failed to run
- Fixed %hits% and %distance% not working
- Fixed feather_step effect breaking pressure plates
- Fixed multiply_velocity effect
- ConditionBlock#isMet is now thread-safe: this fixes many bugs, including where players could be kicked for seemingly no reason
- Massively optimised Condition not-met-lines
- Fixed custom placeholders not being formatted properly

5.2.1 Jun 1, 2023
5.2.1 Changelog

- Fixed bugs with give_health effect

5.2.0 May 30, 2023
5.2.0 Changelog
- Added drop_weighted_random_item effect
- Deprecated drop_random_item_for_player (merged into drop_random_item)
- API: Added more ways to register holder placeholder providers

5.1.2 May 26, 2023
5.1.2 Changelog

- Fixed item attribute bug

5.1.1 May 24, 2023
5.1.1 Changelog

- Unused triggers will no longer be dispatched, which should improve server performance

5.1.0 May 23, 2023
5.1.0 Changelog

- Added item points and item levels, read more here:
- Added item_level_above, item_level_below, and item_level_equals conditions
- Added item_points_above, item_points_below, and item_points_equal conditions
- Added give_item_points effect
- Added multiply_item_points effect
- Added level_item_effect
- Added set_item_points effect
- Added set_global_points effect
- Added set_custom_model_data effect
- Added level_up_item trigger
- API: Added TriggerData#foundItem as a shorthand for data.holder.getProvider<ItemStack> ?: data.item

5.0.1 May 20, 2023
5.0.1 Changelog
- Added jump option to pull_to_location
- Fixed set_block effect
- Fixed leave_region trigger

5.0.0 May 18, 2023
The v5 Recode!
What's new?
EcoItems now supports customisable item slots, so instead of having items only work in hands, now you can make custom armor, charms, totems, and whatever else!
EcoItems has also been modernised to improve it's internal APIs to make it run smoother and better on your server.
How do I upgrade?
There's absolutely zero input required on your end. All configs are fully backwards-compatible, it's just a drag-and-drop upgrade. The recode is designed to make EcoItems better without any headaches.
Is there anything else?
No! This is a simple upgrade, the only difference is a new backend and a world of new possibilites.

4.14.0 May 18, 2023
4.14.0 Changelog
- Added in_region condition (Requires WorldGuard)
- Added enter_region trigger (Requires WorldGuard)
- Added leave_region trigger (Requires WorldGuard)
- Added region filter for the above triggers (Requires WorldGuard)
- Added drop_pickup_item effect that drops an item that runs a chain when it's picked up (Requires Paper)
- Added open_ender_chest effect
- Added add_enchant and remove_enchant effects
- Added all_players effect to run a chain for all players
- Added random_player effect to run a chain for a random player
- Added click_entity trigger
- Added age_crop effect
- Added slot options to give_item effect
- Added message option to block_commands effect
- Fixed drop_item effect
- Fixed trigger_custom effect
- Fixed location_to_cursor mutator
- Various other stability improvements

4.13.1 May 17, 2023
4.13.1 Changelog
- Fixed configs that exist by default occasionally losing all formatting
- Fixed flicker with permanent_potion_effect
- Fixed send_message not working in action bar since a few versions ago
- Fixed tons of triggers firing multiple times (Fixes multiply_drops among others)

4.13.0 May 16, 2023
4.13.0 Changelog
- Added conditional custom placeholders, you can now make completely dynamic placeholders based on conditions that integrate with PlaceholderAPI! Read more here:
- Added drop_random_item and drop_random_item_for_player effects
- Fixed bug with Attribute effects
- Identical triggers will no longer dispatch in the same tick: this not only removes the cooldown workaround as a necessity, but this should also lead to significant performance improvements!

4.12.0 May 15, 2023
4.12.0 Changelog
- Added global points which belong to the server rather than to the player: you can access these with %libreforge_global_points_<id>% and control them with new give_global_points and multiply_global_points effects, and new above_global_points, below_global_points, and global_points_equal conditions
- Added custom placeholder system, read more here:
- Added load-weight option to all configs, you can add it to any config to change the load order, read more here:
- Added reel_speed_multiplier effect

- Added multi-message support to send_message effect

- Fixed pointless limitation with points
- API: Cleaned up ProvidedHolder, to get the ItemStack from a ProvidedHolder you can do holder.getProvider<ItemStack>() now

4.11.0 May 14, 2023
4.11.0 Changelog
- Added damage_twice effect
- Added brew_ingredient trigger
- catch_fish now passes the XP dropped as the value
- Added damage_item effect
- Added repair_item effect
- Added `multiplier` option to multiply_drops instead of fortune
- Counters now support all effect arguments (e.g. chance, every, etc.)
- Added brew_time_multiplier effect
- Added potion_duration_multiplier effect
- Added dont_consume_lapis_chance effect
- Added dont_consume_xp_chance effect
- Added item_durability_above filter
- Added item_durability_below filter
- add_holder (and related effects) no longer require specifying conditions
- Various fixes

4.10.0 May 9, 2023

- Added run_command trigger

4.9.0 May 5, 2023
4.9.0 Changelog
- Added teleport trigger (Thanks Sen!)
- Fixed add_stat flickering for AureliumSkills users
- Added homing effect to make projectiles hone in on enemies (Homing Arrows, Homing Tridents)
- Added piercing effect to allow projectiles to pass through entities and hit multiple at once
- (API) Added new TriggerPlaceholder API to generate placeholders from TriggerData, much cleaner than using a TriggerDispatchEvent listener
- Fixed crit_multiplier
- TriggerData#item will now be passed in to get ItemStack-based placeholders if the holder provider is not an ItemStack

4.8.0 May 3, 2023
4.8.0 Changelog
- Added %location_x%, %location_y%, %location_z%, and %location_world% placeholders (shorthand: %x%, %y%, %z%, %world%)
- Added /libreforge reloadextensions command
- Fixed repeats not working correctly
- Fixed elytra_boost_save_chance

4.7.1 Apr 30, 2023
4.7.1 Changelog

- Fixed placeholder injections not working for permanent effects

4.7.0 Apr 29, 2023
4.7.0 Changelog
- Updated to use new eco 6.56.0 placeholder system
- Added enable and disable triggers
- Added create_hologram effect
- Added kick effect
- Added clear_invulnerability effect
- Optimised mining effects (mine_radius, vein, drill, etc)
- Various other optimisations

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