EconomyShopGUI Configuration, a beautiful and elegant design for your server! With 242 items, there are plenty for your players to buy/sell in the shop. With an easy in-game editor, you can easily add items to this configuration in seconds and still keep the elegant design. This configuration has been designed using HEX code for colours, however you are able to edit this back to regular minecraft colour codes if you wish by simply removing #00a2f2 and replacing it with default colours such as &3.

For versions 1.8-1.12, hex colours have been changed to default colour codes and some blocks have been removed as they aren't supported in the originally made versions for 1.18-1.19






1. Purchase & Download the zip folder

2. Copy over the shops.yml, sections.yml, config.yml and LanguageFiles folder into your existing EconomyShopGUI plugins folder

3. Either type the command /economyshopgui reload or restart your server

4. Boom! Enjoy the template and you can now edit/add to your hearts content




If you are in need of support then please join the support discord! https://discord.gg/Ba7CCEKzRX

Support will be provided for the following

♦ Troubles installing the configuration file

Any bugs you find within the configuration file

♦ Additions/changes you might want to see added to the resource

 + Anything else you might be struggling with



♦ You are not allowed to share or resell this resource

♦ You may only use this configuration on servers you own

♦ All purchases are final, meaning no refunds will be given

♦ Support is included with the purchase however, if I am wrongly treated during this process I will discontinue support