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This is the premium version of ESGUI with more features to make your server shop the best.

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This version includes all features from the free version of the plugin plus the following:
✔️ GUI Editor (Edit items ingame using a GUI)
✔️ NBT items (Support for custom items such as items from other plugins)
✔️ Command items (Attatch multiple commands to a shop item which will be executed when purchased/sold)
✔️ Limited stock (Allows the shop to have limited amount of stock on items in a configurable timeframe)
✔️ Limited sell items (Allows specific items to be sold X amount of times in a configurable timeframe)
✔️ Build-in cron schedulers (Fixed restock intervals using build in cron schedules)
✔️ Per item currencies (Use different currencies per item)
✔️ Item economy (Allow shop items to be bought/sold for ingame items(Supports items with custom item data))
✔️ Levels economy (Purchase/sell shop items using ingame levels)
✔️ DynamicPricing (A feature which makes the item prices go down/up depending on demand and supply)
✔️ Per item permissions (Add custom permissions for specific items)
✔️ Shop Search bar (Adds a search bar where you can search for shop items)
✔️ PlaceholderAPI support (Support for placeholders inside sections, shop item names, lore, ...)
✔️ Custom enchants support (Direct enchants support from EcoEnchants/AdvancedEnchantments/ExcelentEnchants/CrazyEnchantments)
✔️ Shop prefix (A customizeable prefix infront of every shop message)
✔️ Unlockable items (Players won't be able to buy/sell specific items before reaching a certain EXP level)
✔️ EpicSpawners support (External spawner support for Epic Spawners)
✔️ UpgradeableSpawners support (External spawner support for Upgradeable Spawners)
✔️ Custom Skull Textures (Support for the 'skull-texture' item option which takes a base64 hash to add custom skulls like from this site)
✔️ MySQL support (To sync limited stock/sell multipliers or DynamicPricing across multiple servers)
✔️ Update command (Download newer versions of the plugin using a ingame command)

Extra permissions above the free version:
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A economy plugin is a required dependency, install any of the below options:
● Vault (Note that Vault depends on a economy plugin such as Essentials)
Worried about losing your current shop layout while migrating?
The import command allows data importing from the free version of EconomyShopGUI, ShopGUI+ and the worth.yml of essentials.

If you have a question or need support regarding to the plugin, please join our discord support server.

Note that EconomyShopGUI is created for bukkit, spigot and paper servers, we will not give support when running the plugin on a modded/hybrid server even though it may work.

Not conviced yet?
You can test the plugin on our 1.8-1.21 skyblock test server.
IP: testserver.gpplugins.com


This plugin comes with a API for developers to hook into the plugin.
This plugin uses bStats to collect anonymous statistics such as how many servers/players are using the plugin.
More info can be found at bStats.
The translation files of this plugin can be found on crowdin